I am the voice behind YouTube’s MommaAMommaB.

MommaAMommaB started as a fertility / TTC YouTube account to share our journey to becoming parents – little did we know it would take longer than expected, and be more difficult than we ever imagined, or that the reward of our hard-earned parenthood would be so sweet!

We spent three years trying to conceive (TTC):

7 IUI’s (with Letrozole and Clomid and Femara)
2 Reciprocal IVF Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET’s)

(One single, one double transfer)

Single Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) with Adopted Donor Embryo

Finally!  A pregnancy!

We recently had success with another single-embryo transfer, using one of our remaining donor embryos. This means our son will get (another) full genetic sibling (October 2018).

This website will host a collection of things I hope will be inspirational, whether you are going through fertility treatments or are a parent interested in schooling at home during the early years (we started Tot School at 16 months old).


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