Life Update Blog – Soccer and Home Construction Updates

Crisp air and long shadows – September and October are among our favorite months.

Hello, Soccer Season

This year our boy is playing soccer while we coach the group (six children plus a tag along: little sis got a pair of shin guards and a set of hot pink cleats, courtesy Gramma).

Last year, Momma B coached for the local YMCA team (co-ed, ages 3-4) and this year I recruited Momma A. To be honest, I practically begged for help after the first practice; she obliged by registering and completing the safety and coach training and officially getting a welcome letter from the registrar.

Thank you for coming on board, Coach A!

Our first game will be mid September, against the Sharks. Admittedly, our kids vied for a different name, but our local mechanic’s shop is generous for sponsoring us and we are grateful to be Team Collision.

I can appreciate that it takes everything in Coach A’s power to not get too jazzed up about winning and crushing the competition (she’s a huge sports enthusiast and college all star athlete, so the concept of playing for fun is…there, somewhere).

We Love Soccer Season!

For now, we are dialing down on the two main rules of soccer for tots, which include: HAVE FUN and HAVE FUN. Simple drills can cause tears in an over-tired or uncertain child, and we are working with kids in a time of post-COVID lockdowns, which means some of these youngsters haven’t had much opportunity to socialize as perhaps they would have in years past.

For now, we are able to play un-masked; all practices and gatherings are outdoors in open air, with proper social distancing measures. Coaches must wear masks during huddles or during times of close proximity, but otherwise our team has shown up ready to play – and eager to run. It’s awesome to see how proud they get, and how ready they are for dinner when practice is done.

We’ve had easier meal times lately – it appears the potty training days are behind us, too.

Will I jinx myself if I go through with publishing this post? Wish me luck!

Construction Updates:

We’ve been sitting on lumber prices and land for the better part of a year – now things are finally moving, and we’re picking up steam!

Property has been graded, septic set, concrete poured, walls framed – they were even up there on a Saturday preparing for the week ahead; we should see the main trusses for the upstairs go up, next. Then we’ll really have something to look at and share with you besides a hole in the ground and a one dimensional blueprint.

Pinterest board, commence!

I will be documenting our construction highlights on our Hightower Digital Media Pinterest account.

This way, we are more effectively able to get some business for our local friends here in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding areas. We have worked with some amazingly talented designers that we’d like to recommend. If you’re in the area, or you just like modern house construction updates, give us a follow.

If you’d like to follow us there, that will be where we post construction-related idea pins (those engaging clips on Pinterest that are similar to Instagram reels or YouTube shorts).

Until next time – stay positive and good things will come.


Is it Fall,Yet (again?)

If you’ve been following us for a year or so, you may recognize the cheeky title.

Every August or so, my wife and I start itching for Fall. It’s our favorite!

Here is your friendly reminder to pause for Summerween…

Our Teachers Pay Teachers store is full of downloads: free printables and preschool / tot school activities for FALL 2021!

Pp -umpkins! -izza! -epperoni!

You can also navigate to our FALL tab at

Happy Autumn, ahead! 👋 🎃 ☕️

These were hits last year for my (then) one and three year olds. I hope your little student(s) will enjoy them – We are also happy to whip up custom templates (generally free when time permits, or a small donation request via PayPal here on this site).

Word Wall Requests? These templates can be EDITED however you’d like!!! ^ Or, use the set we’ve created

Outdoor Explore with Kids | WA State

Snowqualmie State Park

It’s been nicer than ever to reconnect with nature during this time of uncertainty. I will be posting more over at on specific businesses and industries of all varieties for the 21+ crowd, but when it comes to kids stuff, I figured I’d share with my toddler mom crew over here at MommaAMommaB as well!

My name is Brandi, and I welcome you to join us for all things related to “life of a toddler mom”. This is the first post specific to Washington State as well as my first hiking/review type of post. I hope someone out there finds it helpful, or can offer me suggestions for improvements so we can make more out of our day trips and camping adventures.

Snowqualamie State Park

It’s January, and many parks are either closed due to COVID concerns or covered in a blanket of frost or snow. We are lucky enough to be within fifteen minutes of the bottom of a ski hill, so we finally decided to make the trip. We’d been waiting to purchase sleds until we got enough snow in the valley, but it never seemed to stick around for long with the warmer Chinook winds passing through.

Chinook winds develop when warm, moist air blows from the Pacific Ocean in the northwest region of North America toward the Rocky Mountain range, according to Rocky Mountain National Park. The air mass cools as it climbs the mountains, bringing rain or snow to the peaks.

Live Science

We decided it was enough waiting, and grabbed a few plastic sleds and made the short drive to Snowqualmie State Park: 10/10 worth it!

Photo Credit: Hightower Digital Media

The parking lot was large and cars were few. If you make it before noon, you’ll have a better chance of picking your own hill (there are a few small ones to choose from, great for the 5 and under crowd, though older kids can certainly enjoy).

Sledding Safety:

  1. Choose a safe place to sled and proper equipment.
  2. Only allow children to sled feet first while sitting up.
  3. Insist children wear helmets while sledding.
  4. According to children ages 5 and under should only sled with an adult (

Our three year old was accompanied by Mom, and while our two year old did sled feet first while laying down, it was a smooth incline with Mama holding an attached rope to control speed. No helmets were involved as you can see from the photos. I guess rules have changed since I’ve been on the sledding hill! It’s really more of a bump than a hill, but there are options on the North end of the parking lot for more of a challenge or more experienced sledders, so I’d personally have the kids put on a dome protector because why not helmets are cheap, surgeries are not.

Sledding Etiquette and Considerations:

Stay out of the sledding path on established hills. Not only do you want to avoid any possible collisions, you don’t want to be breaking down the path or causing irregularities.

Don’t litter. A broken sled left behind “for someone else to get a few rounds out of” is still littering. It’s a good idea to always keep a spare trash bag in your car to discard of soda bottles or other items of refuse in the event trash cans are not on site.

Photo Credit: Hightower Digital Media

Obey park rules. Seems simple, but if there are park rules posted, take the time to read them. It could even save you a parking ticket, or future restrictions for those wanting to enjoy these spaces.

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Canyon’s Crates | PreK | Tot School | Home School Learning Kits

We made a few extra winter activity kits – available for purchase starting NEXT WEEK! 🥳

These kits reduce the need for a printer – everything you need is included…and reusable!

Customize your crate – every crate comes with enough materials to personalize your experience- or- I am happy to include the child’s name on a project for you if you add it to the notes and details section before final checkout.

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Crates start at $29.99 plus tax – $8.95 shipping

Priority Shipping available to WA, OR, ID.

Penguins or Polar Bears? Jury is still out!
Enough fun for two!
Look a little closer… 🔍
Do you get snow at your home?

Fall Theme | Colors Game Kindle | Tablet | PreK Distance-Learning

Game changer: Boom cards for digital classrooms!

Making my first set was pretty straightforward. I recommend this for anyone wanting to create custom games for their students. Great for Zoom learning and interactive tablets.

Here’s a 14 day link to try out my latest game!

Here’s a free 14 day pass to try it out:

Beginning phonics sound “hint” buttons!
BOOM Cards: Fall | Colors | Beginning Vowel Sound
Which color sound starts with B(b)?

Boom Cards and Distance Learning – INTERACTIVE BOOM CARDS!

PreK Activities for computers and tablets!

Move out of the way, Epson printer. We now have interactive BOOM cards!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know we are in the process of selling our family home – which means my beloved printer has been packed up for some time. The struggles of moving are real!

Many homes these days don’t have a printer – and then there’s the never-ending problem of “low ink”. ⚠️

In absence of being able test-print my creations before listing them for sale, I’ve decided to try my hand at digital “BOOM” cards.

Still interactive, they eliminate the need for a printer – and get rid of all that prep time!

Only one answer choice allows student to advance slide (or “skip” slide if stumped)

Of course…printable versions can be useful when practicing scissor skills, pincer grips, and the like. I’ll try to offer both versions whenever possible.–prek-boom-cards-NDanrYTdgfkhwHjiR

For more fun FALL / AUTUMN activities, visit and navigate to the “November/December” tab (under “Teach My Tot” in the main menu bar).

Don’t forget to follow this page for a ton of free DECEMBER goodies (I really want to try my hand at a digital escape room for PreK math!)

What type of toddler BOOM cards are you looking for? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to try it for FREE, here is a FastPlay link! (Expires Nov 7, 2020)

Halloween PreWriting and Language Skills

Kindergarten Language Skill Booster:


Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on kindergarten reading and content. 

Some Ideas to get the juices flowing: 

Talk to your student about different meanings of words like Witch and Which.

Think about how words that sound the same aren’t spelled the same and have different meanings…like Haunted House and How’s Your Lunch… combining these words can often have a funny effect (like Haunted How’s Your Lunch? Wouldn’t that make a silly story? What do you think it would be about?). 

Introduction to language: Words are neat! What are some of your favorite Halloween words? Read a picture book or use the printables here for more inspiration. Then, create a Halloween word bank together and discuss.

Set Includes: 

14 Spooky Words for your word wall:

Halloween Hh

Ghost Gh

Treats Tt

Spooky Ss

Witch Ww

Pumpkin Pp

Leaves Ll

Bat Bb

Moon Mm

Trick Tt

Cauldron Cc

Autumn Aa

Jacket Jj

Soup Ss

6 Traceable Cards:


Haunted House

Witch on Broom

Bat and Moon

Spooky Hat

Pair Of Ghosts

Purchase at: TeachersPayTeachers

Find me on Teachers Pay Teachers 👩‍🏫

Pizza and Pumpkins | Pre-K Printable Activities

Now available at TeachersPayTeachers

Set includes:

Color-By-Number: Pizza Slice 

Use with markers or crayons in the following colors: green, black, red, blue, yellow, brown.

Color recognition, matching, fine motor, art

Pumpkin Playdough Cards: square, circle, oval, rectangle

Can your student roll out orange playdough to create shapes like on the 4 cards? Laminate for use over and over!

Shapes recognition and fine motor

Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match

Color cut and paste the lowercase letters to match uppercase letters Aa-Ll 

Letter recognition, fine motor, art 

Shape Pizza 

Two ways: create a recipe and trade cards -or- create your masterpiece first and then count the ‘ingredients’ used. Use precut shapes from construction paper or draw and color a variety of: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval.

Shape recognition, counting, fine motor

Pepperoni Counting Wheel

Color cut and paste your pizza slices together, matching the pepperonis shown on each number card.

Counting 1-6, number recognition, fine motor, art

Pumpkin Pushing – Gross Motor Activity / Brainbreak

Pre-cut the anatomy cards OR number them 1-6 and roll dice for added fun! 

Child draws a card from the stack or rolls die, and moves a mini or foam pumpkin across the floor using *only* the body part shown on card.

(Black-and-white copy & color copy included)

Gross motor, counting, coloring, brainbreak 

Pumpkin Maze

Simple maze in a pumpkin shape. 

Early finishers: Color the moon and bat.

Pincer Grip Opportunity! Try using a new writing instrument, like a pencil.

Which is Big?

Find and circle which is larger between each pair of hand-drawn Fall-themed images

Early finishers: Color the page.

Reasoning/Logic, Pre-Math skills 

Suggested supplies:

Orange playdough or moldable clay

Crayons, markers, pencils

Glue stick 

Miniature or foam pumpkin(s)




Painters tape to mark Pumpkin Pushing start/finish lines.

Pre-cut construction shapes or other flat foam shapes, any colors, few of each: Circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle

Is it Fall yet?

MommaAMommmaB are SO ready for back-to-school season!

Today I finally got around to creating a few quick printable pages for the TeachersPayTeachers #TotSchool account – Here are a few quick templates for you teachers to use and customize however you choose. No credits needed, but appreciate if you pin to your boards! Happy teaching! -Brandi

More Tot School and Pre-K ideas for your at-home schooling: Follow us on Pinterest!

Fall Packs available!

Fall Clip Art – coming soon!