Thoughts After Second Home PIO injection

Today I woke up and felt just fine! It wasn’t until around 9 a.m. when I realized I was sort of favoring my right leg. When I put my weight fully on it, my butt/hip area felt pretty achy, from last night’s shot.

I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it, but there is definitely a small lumpy area after our second shot, while the left bun feels just as cheeky as it normally does.

Let me segue for a moment:

Something happens when you become pregnant and have to realize that you can’t always pee when you have the urge, and often the urge lasts all day. Sweet baby arrives and yet still, peeing takes awhile to get “back into”, a la your pre-pregnancy jeans. Urination is often painful, the urge always seems to hit at an inconvenient time (like nursing or when you FINALLY get a two hour stretch of sleep only to be awoken to a silent house and a burning need to pee, but you stay in bed and try to forget about that), and somewhere along the way you stop listening to your dang body all together. In my case, I had to create a post-baby daily checklist that included my daily water requirements, else hydration be damned! I still use that checklist; I have incorporated it into my home management binder.

Anyways, I have really been trying to get back into listening to my body, seven months after having a baby. I’ve been pretty good, recognizing when I need “me” time and planning with my wife accordingly, and I even have a deprivation tank session scheduled for our transfer evening. I balked and protested at my wife’s suggestion (it’s, gasp, almost a hundred dollars!) but she insisted that it’s a drop in the bucket compared to how far we’ve already come this cycle, and how much we have had to finance to get here. So, she wins this one, and my body will be grateful! We did this the evening before our successful embryo transfer, so it’s got some superstitious vibe going on for us.

Speaking of grateful bodies, that brings me back to my sore leg dilemma; wife and I decided on a solution, which involves a longer post-injection glute massage each evening. The only thing we did differently from yesterday to today is I sat on a heating pad after only 30 or so seconds of really vigorous massage that almost felt painful, but we both figured it was moving the oil around. Our first injection was a bit less rough/rushed, and I sat on a heating pad for the same amount of time. We also forgot to draw back a little on the syringe to check for blood the first time, but I doubt that contributed to my lump. Still, it deserves to be mentioned.

Yes, it took me all morning to notice but once I realized that it really does feel sore, I tried to think of how to describe it for you. The best I’ve got is that it feels like I did squats to exhaustion at the gym, but forgot my left butt cheek at home – but not my whole glute; there is about a quarter in size area where I can feel a little more tenderness and warmth, while the other side never hurt at all. I hesitate to put ice on the area pre-injection, as many TTC-ers recommend; my own nurse did not recommend that, and I imagine warmth as being receptive as far as muscle tissues go; I also imagine warmth facilitating the spreading of the oil afterwards. Ice for next day tenderness? You bet!

The actual injections have not hurt at all! It’s awkward to feel the thick oil going in, and it takes a bit to get even 1 cc injected, but there is no real ‘pain’ involved as far as our technique. I don’t think icing the area pre-injection would have made today any less painful for me, considering we basically fast forwarded/muscled through the massage… but who knows? I am mostly nervous that subsequent shots will be more painful if my butt gets all lumpy and sore from previous injections.

I look forward to tonight’s injection actually. Now that the initial fear of the needle has subsided, I am excited to get our technique down smoothly. We have twelve more weeks, less two days, of these babies! Wahoo! Okay…I’m not that amped up about it, but it is awesome to remember that these medications are tricking my body essentially into thinking conception has taken place – on the transfer day, the uterus will be receptive and ‘sticky’, if I might borrow TTC lingo. We are making a baby, baby!

Have you taken PIO shots? Please comment to share what worked (or didn’t) for you! 


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