We Have an Eight Month Old!

Someone was happy about turning 8 months old yesterday! Here are the top photos, and a cute video of him shivering as we did his obligatory diaper-only photo. Sorry, little buddy!

Canyon is still working on cutting his first tooth (!!!) but he can do some damage to a banana and he loves eating whatever Moms are having while sitting at the table for meals with us.

I usually put a few non-seasoned items aside on the adult’s dinner plates and he is so eager to gobble up a black bean or a plain pasta noodle if he sees that’s what we are eating (or so he thinks…nope, extra butter for me!). If we put it on his high chair tray, it’s a foreign object, a play thing or something to toss to the dog which is the funnest game ever (to him and the dog).

He loves assisted cruising, when Mom holds his hands or waist, patiently letting him explore on his own two feet. He is still playing a lot with his exercise saucer, only from the outside instead of seated inside during these last weeks.

He still naps like a champion and sleeps from about 7 pm until 6 a.m.

Mama and Mom love you, Canyon James!



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