Embryo Hatching During Transfer

The procedure went as smoothly as could be expected, though Amy was on baby duty and couldn’t be in the room with me. Well, it turns out all of the doctors and even embryologist was surprised she hadn’t come back to the procedure room even after I explained we had a baby with us!

In actuality, it is a quiet office, with a separate waiting area for transfers and egg retrievals and other surgical procedures beyond the clinic’s normal scope of operation. Though having a babbling baby in tow at the fertility clinic is frowned upon, we were more bothered than anyone else seemed to be (there was only one soul besides medical staff that we encountered). Plus, he wasn’t babbling. We save the paci for such situations, and he was an angel the whole time, reminding me exactly why we are doing this again. Now ask Amy…she changed an explosive poop in the car during all of this!

Suddenly, my name was being called, and my awesome wife scooped up Canyon for an adventure as I followed the medical assistant back to my room. I could hear her cheerfully announcing it was time to go to the enormous picture window “look at the raindrops”. Though she wasn’t next to me for the procedure, my heart was overflowing at how lucky we are, and I felt their presence at every step; I was nonstop texting every update.

Overall the entire thing was complete in half an hour – the actual procedure after the trial run took about two minutes.

You can see more here:

THE SIBLING DIARIES | Frozen Embryo Transfer with HATCHING Donor Embryo

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