The Reality of Daily PIO Injections

The reality of daily intramuscular (IM) injections is that after about a week of medicine, it’s possible to get short tempered. I almost didn’t post this video as only one camera was rolling (our secondary one)!

Be kind to yourself, and to your partner and get back on track! You’re in it together 😉

Here’s the good stuff:

A whole week’s worth of injections DONE ✅ Back to the cheek we started on 🍑 🍑

Only 70 plus more, if all goes as planned 💉

Keep those 🤞🏼 🙏🏻 💕 in the weeks ahead

To all my fellow TTC-ers and infertility warriors: This shot’s for you!

Here is footage from PIO Injection #7 Thanks for joining us during our 2WW 👍🏻 Please SUBSCRIBE to support our growing channel

Thanks for joining our journey. Stay positive and good things will come!

❤️ A&B






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