Brandi is Cranky on Progesterone

Hand raise if you’ve been on PIO shots. Keep your hand up if you were starving the entire time… keep it up if you felt not yourself…irritable at your partner for no reason at all (okay maybe it was a little justified)…

I will be the first to admit it, though not proud of that last bit; progesterone in any form makes me go a bit berserk. Like most of you I am sure, I like to be in control of my body and emotions, which is one reason being under the weather or on bed rest is particularly frustrating. The last two days we have been cautious to keep heart rate nice and steady, consume all things warm and stay relaxed. Despite feeling like chores are piling up and errands are being skipped, I have done well. However, I have become so snappy lately…despite being waited on hand and foot with next to zero responsibilities over the last two days. Also, this insatiable feeling of hunger is new in the week.

Only yesterday did it dawn on me. Oh yeah, progesterone.

The progesterone-in-oil, or PIO, is a new protocol to us; for past IVF cycles we had taken it in other forms, besides the injections. In fact, I think I have taken IVF medications in almost every form by now, including itchy skin patches. And I remember that a few days after starting progesterone (around days 4/5) I start feeling not like myself…and every time I forget it is the progesterone beginning to build up in my system (until days 7/8).

When that “aha” moment hits me, I always try to intentionally be nicer or calmer but it doesn’t last long. I feel angsty and road-ragey and all sorts of non-characteristic emotions which makes me confused which adds to the death spin of negative emotions. I KNOW this, yet it is truly hard to just be nice! I just don’t feel like myself.

On top of all of this, I have to work with my partner for daily injections with a 1.5 inch long needle into my backside. Stressful indeed, but it would be much more difficult to administer myself and I am thankful that she is extra gracious in these hormone fueled weeks. Love you, Amy!

Today is day three post five-day frozen embryo transfer, or in it’s abbreviated form, 3DP5DT and I am holding off on doing any potential early urine testing until at least 5DP5DT to avoid spending days crying while having to still continue PIO injections until our blood draw or menstruation begins – especially if there really is a bun in this oven and we just tested too soon! Just don’t be surprised if/when I cave. I always think I can hold out, but this would be a first.

Our blood draw appointment to check for HcG levels (that is, the “pregnancy hormone”) is at 10 days past transfer: Feb 8th.

Until then be nice to my wife. Her wife is on progesterone.

See more on YouTube (Warning! Needles!):

Brandi is Cranky on Progesterone

2 thoughts on “Brandi is Cranky on Progesterone

  1. I can somewhat identify with this! I started leupron last week (any familiarity with leupron?), and since starting this TTC process, it was my first “real” experience with hormonal highs due to medication. I can’t imagine how “peachy” I will be on PIO 😭. Thank you for proving that I am not insane!!

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