Self Administering Intramuscular Injections for IVF (A Drama Queen’s Account)

My first self-administered intramuscular injection – I DID IT!!! The adrenaline is still rushing, nearly an hour later, as I think about it. I honestly was expecting something unfavorable to occur. Blood? Nope. Pain? Not at all! Terror? Okay, I guess there was some of that.

I was fearful of doing a PIO shot by myself at home but here we are on the other side, unscathed – no sissy stuff here (…okay, maybe I was a bit of a drama queen…but in my defense, poking yourself feels SO counterintuitive on so many levels).

I had been nervous ever since the day we found out PIO shots would be in our protocol: nervous about the medicines getting delivered (they did), about getting through the first injection (it was fine), nervous about it not working (TBD).

So far nothing negative has happened, besides me being absolutely rude this week (as a med side effect I imagine)…STILL the fear of this 1.5 inch long needle is ruling my thoughts more than it should.

I don’t like having to depend on someone to give nightly injections, especially when our baby is needing so much at the 7:00 hour; I like being in control of my own destiny.

We found out that Amy may be taking a road trip soon that could potentially cause her to arrive home later than our normal injection hour; she also frequently hops on a plane at a moment’s notice wherever her job takes her. Though most trips she can delegate for these next few weeks, the possibility of causing her stress trying to get home is not worth it. And I certainly don’t want to feel that tension! This is hard enough.

So what better time than today…right now…to do a PIO shot, myself. Just to know that I can. I actually made up my mind to do it before I knew it was possible. I know some folks drive to their clinic in the off chance they need a couple injections done, but I’m going on four years at our fertility clinic, if I can avoid an unnecessary trip I’ll do anything!

I decided to search the internet and watch some videos of others doing it by themselves. Did they use the hip, still? In the videos I found, yes.

If that girl can do it, I would think to myself, then surely I can, too.

You know what? If I can do it, so can you!!!

Here is footage from PIO Injection #9

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