HPT Line Progressions Starting at 3DP5DT| Dollar Tree Tests

I knew I shouldn’t have done it. I told everyone I wouldn’t, you know, for accountability. Early testing, nope, not this time. “Not me. Too stressful!”

Then I did.

Pretty much immediately after our five day transfer.

I just had to know. We had seen the embryo hatch on embryo transfer day, so it was primed and ready. It was able. Was it genetically sound? Nobody knows, but we sure hope!

Something about seeing human life being transferred into your body makes all patience go out the window. Fortunately, most IVF/FET results take less than that: 7-10 days after a transfer! Still too long to hold my breath.

I tested on day three knowing I was nuts, and embracing it. Not upset when nothing showed. The next morning I tried again. I just couldn’t help myself, ya’ll! It was still 9 hours too early to be considered a full 4 days past five day transfer (4DP5DT).

Again, I embraced my inner crazy and whipped out a fresh test. It was only $1! And it could give me peace of mind, maybe? Well, that or it could drive me one step closer to the reception desk at the nuthouse. May the odds ever be in my favor, I thought, ripping into the cardboard packaging, stopping to ask myself what the heck I was doing. Losing my mind, I confirmed, before tearing into the pink plastic packaging that held the testing cassette and dropper. Exactly three drops of pee. Okay. Three minutes. Let’s set the timer for five, just incase.

I barely looked at it before confirming another negative. Only when I looked later to show a friend who was asking that yes I had tested and no there wasn’t… wait. Wait a minute.

Do you see it, too??

This isn’t a blog to tell you all about HcG doubling rates, or the stages of embryonic development; you want to see the results. Here they are.

Transfer procedure completed at 3:19 PM on Jan 29 2018

The Tests:

Feb. 1, 3DP5DT @ 2 PM

Feb. 2, 4DP5DT @ 7 AM

Day 3 (above) and 4 with editing (because CRAZY)

See more on YouTube

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