PIO Shots 10 and 11

These are getting easier as the end of week two is now in sight. I have also managed to do a couple P-I-O shots myself. Coupled with the faint lines on our home pregnancy tests, the injections remind me of the important processes going on inside my body.

I will admit, testing early at home scared us, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to sob through a week of injections and negative HPT’s before our beta blood draw, which measures the pregnancy hormone in the bloodstream. Amy didn’t want to see me in utter despair, as we had been down this road of HPTs after pregnancy attempts (ten times) and it had only ended well once.

Luckily we got our first promising non-squinter at 5dp5dt which put us in the best position to get through these next shots. Worst case: we have to wait until the 8th, though it is early a.m. so we will get same day lab results.

I sent the email to my nurse over the weekend, asking if we might come in early; I imagine I will hear back soon. Until then, our fingers are crossed over here for beta confirmation!

Watch PIO Injections 10 and 11 on YouTube

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