PIO Shots 14 and 15

This is getting progressively easier, imagine that! We still have quite a few weeks ahead of us, so I may change my tune again in the future.  Is that allowed?

I did have a air bubble that resisted being ejected out of the syringe by tapping it (it would not rise to the surface, and I was NOT about to lose three drops of oil to release it). I put the needle back into the oil, and ejected it, then redrew my solution. I actually had a nightmare about this later that night, that the air was somehow entering the needle through the plunger side, and that I noticed right before my wife injected a never ending supply of air into my blood stream. Terrifying? Yes! Possible? No!

Don’t let this post scare you. Sometimes I scare myself. This progesterone has me feeling not quite myself, and I probably shouldn’t write any more today.

Updates to come! Until then, check out our IM injections #14 and #15 on YouTube

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