Beta Results are in…

541! 541!

Our beta has tripled from our first result of 178, two days prior to this test. We can hardly believe it: We are pregnant.

I thought this would be my longest post ever…but there aren’t too many words coming to mind.

If you’ve been through this wait or have suffered a loss early in pregnancy, you know full well this feeling of trepidation; if you’ve not experience difficulty in being pregnant, you might think I’m crazy for not buying a second car seat quite yet. Trust me, I want to go all in and buy a bigger car, while we are at it!

Just give us a few more weeks…

We like to end many of our vlogs with the phrase “Stay positive and good things will come”, because we truly believe that is the only way to get through these difficult times, while waiting for your life to change and remaining faithful that it will be for the better.

Even in difficult times, we have an opportunity to reach others, and to grow as human beings, though we often don’t see that part right away. It’s true; having experienced so many disappointments along the way during our TTC years, and seeing our friends hurting so badly after disappointments this month, takes away some of my joie de vivre.

Some days it is difficult to imagine being positive. If you saw our video PIO shots 16 and 17 you’ll see that for yourself.

It became a bit easier to remain hopeful after hearing that second strong beta number last week; I imagine our first OB ultrasound at the end of this month will put a lot of my anxieties to bed.

My heart remains with those still waiting for their first positive home test, those waiting for answers, those trying to begin the process and those who are unsure if they will ever be able to afford their next doctor-recommended treatment. It is not lost on me how fortunate Amy and I are just to be able to be in a good place to try.

Until our next appointment, we are grateful for the opportunity and keeping the faith (and those daily PIO injections for a couple more months).


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