Seeing Red: Our Twentieth PIO Shot

Yesterday was our twentieth progesterone-in-oil injection, and the first time we actually hit a vein.

Amy had administered this injection, and I’m glad it was her and not me, when blood appeared (though I now feel confident I can handle this if/when it happens while self-injecting).

When pulling back on the syringe, my wife saw red tinging the oil, and I am so glad she kept a cool head; she was narrating to me what was happening in a very calm, collected way. She told me she did see a little blood this time, and that she was going to pull the needle out. I tried not to look because blood is SO not my thing…but I am happy to report it didn’t hurt, though it felt different. Right back in the needle went, just millimeters away from the original site. A few moments of pushing in the now-cooled, viscous oil and we were done!

I am glad we remembered what to do, and I felt like we still executed one of our best shots yet, despite having to be poked twice.

Every time we encounter against an obstacle, we excel (especially as a team). We may not be making babies the ‘old fashioned way’ but this is a true partnership in every sense of the word, and I am lucky to have her; Most days, she says she is lucky to have me, too.

I am glad we hit a vein today, because the fear of the unknown is always worse. Now I know exactly what happens and I am a hundred percent confident I could do this myself. And you can, too!

You can see the video on YouTube.



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