Our First Partnership | Why Do We Vlog?

We were so happy when a company finally reached out to us for a sponsorship; YouTube had recently dumped us as partners/creators as part of their purge/overhaul of smaller channels. I mean, their attempt to make YouTube better. Am I allowed to say that? Of course – I own this blog 😉

We had spilled our blood sweat and tears into our infertility channel over three years, sharing a lot of personal information and raw emotions. If it were just an attempt to make money (ha!) we would have been done a long time ago. As it stands, we are still waiting for our first $50 check…before we reached that very minimum threshold for payment to be released, they dropped us and our Ad Sense account is currently suspended/ineligible for revenue earnings.

So what are the perks of vlogging, if it’s so hard and so uncomfortably personal and not financial beneficial?

Well, first of all, we have met people from all over the globe, many whom have sent us messages of thanks for our inspiration and courage. We have had conversations with those in their happiest and darkest days, because nobody in their ‘real’ life could dare find out their news quite yet.

Also, we met the couple who would donate the embryos who would become our babies, from vlogging. We traded “lucky socks” with other women going through treatments and transfers, a fun tradition in the infertility community, and inspired women who have had to give themselves PIO injections. To us, sharing our story has been an invaluable resource in connecting with other families going through similar journeys, and has been ‘worth’ it.

There are so many good things about vlogging, and my partnership with YouTube is greatly missed – but it’s not the be all end all. We are SO close to our 1K subscriber minimum! At this point, every subscribed viewer helps us reach our goal of becoming partners again, so smaller same-sex TTC and lesser known embryo adoption stories from families like ours can gain recognition on YouTube’s analytics-based platform.

Recently, we were sent a free diaper sprayer to try, and a code for a free one for a contest giveaway to one of our loyal viewers! We were elated. A perk! YouTube ain’t handing those out to us small channels! (Sorry, when I’m upset my back hill verbiage tends to tumble out). We wanted to give something to our viewers, and always said if we got a check from YouTube we would invest in better recording equipment (Our channel is powered by videos taken with the iPhone. Seriously).  We had previously given away our home made nursery decor on our Instagram channel, and nothing warms my heart like giveaways and prizes. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of capital to spend on YouTube related activities, and I refuse to spend advertising dollars to promote my channel. I want my viewers to find me organically, and WANT to be there! So we remained a small channel and as a result, got dropped in early February.

We figured we would bang out a quick video for our new sponsor, and it’s true that we waited until just a week before filming to install the new sprayer. We were just so excited for a sponsorship and didn’t expect to fall in love with our first product; and it was an installation video with no obligations to say we loved it, hated it, or otherwise. It seemed like a good way to get experience working with a product vendor, not have to do some cheesy product placement that wasn’t heartfelt, and also give back to our own viewers.

The sprayer ended up to be heads and shoulders above the previous, pre-loved one we found on Craigslist, which honestly had worked just fine (we are currently looking forward to donating it to another couple in our community who could use it)…but man, I can’t go back now! Our sponsor even said we could sell or give away the sprayer they sent for us to try, but this one is a keeper!

Compared to our old one with many plastic parts, the PurrfectZone stainless sprayer feels luxurious, and we appreciate it’s much slimmer profile. The variable pressure is so nice, it’s something you don’t even realize how much you need it until you get it; I can’t imagine going back to a one-pressure trigger. In fact, I am looking forward to using this bidet in the early postpartum period after baby #2 (T.M.I?)!

Check out the video talking more about it, here

(There is a chance to win if you enter before the end of February)!



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