Bleeding / Cramping at 5 Weeks

Just as our PIO injections were getting progressively easier – even when we saw blood after a bad technique – we were still optimistic about doing this to support our pregnancy. We are unsure about whether we are pregnant anymore, and the shots have gotten difficult to administer all over again.

After seeing blood and having some mild to moderate intermittent cramping, B called the nurse right away, and she responded while I was filming so I didn’t include the update:

Nothing can be seen on a scan this early, so we are holding off on going in unless symptoms increase. Our first OB appointment is two weeks away. There is a chance we can get in at 6 weeks, but it is still uncertain whether anything will be seen on a scan, so we decided to hold off as long as possible.

Still seeing a bit of blood on the morning after this video was filmed, at 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Nurse confirmed it was more than spotting, but not quite a full flow.

Keeping our thoughts and emotions positive and praying for the best.

Come on, Little Bear. Please stick. We love you so much, already…

See the video on YouTube



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