Bumpdate??? – 6 Weeks Pregnant


I am not one to over analyze any potential symptoms and if you’ve been following my story you know I also don’t want to get too excited too quickly. Times I swore we were pregnant only to have a beta of zero, and that time I actually pregnant and had little to no symptoms the first trimester… 🤷🏼‍♀️

I am trying to get let myself get excited about this pregnancy and yesterday’s update had my heart skipping: our little embryo’s heart has likely started to beat.

Yes, this is equal parts terrifying and exciting – I am nervous that there’s not a fetal pole and we didn’t get a third beta blood result unlike last time, so I have that nagging me a bit as we enter week 6 of the pregnancy. One week ’til O.B. and potential discharge from our clinic!

If you have experienced infertility treatments or early loss, you know what I’m talking about here; If you haven’t, I don’t underestimate your ability to imagine how I may feel, even if you yourself expect that you’d present as ‘stronger / braver / happier’ etc. We appreciate your support in the coming weeks, it will be an emotional roller coaster either way!

I’ll begin with a few symptoms I’ve been experiencing – both similar and different to pregnancy #1:

Chapped Lips / Dry Skin 

Accompanied by the feeling of absolute dehydration. I have eliminated caffeine almost completely, save for my decaf cuppa in the morning, a cocoa at night, and maybe one mini can of cola every two days. Day and a half. Okay, every day. Hey – it’s a mini! I am proud of myself, as it is a far cry from my usual 16-20 oz per day (slaps my own hand).

I have replaced my cola and juice habits with extra water, and upped my fish oil to 2x/daily instead of 1x starting the day of our frozen embryo transfer (FET). I am seriously drinking more water than I normally do, and as the obsessive who tracks her daily water intake on a Home Management Binder, I know I really am drinking about 20-24 additional ounces. Seemingly to no avail – I got out of bed to get a glass last night, and woke up with a cracked throat.

My skin is a wreck and my lips are so chapped they are bleeding! I even have two small dry scabs on the insides of my nostrils (TMI?) and I am presenting ‘dry’ in pretty much every other aspect. Including my humor.

My TTC friend and I were talking about this symptom, and she has a favorite brand of lip balm that she just swears by; she sent a sample that should be arriving in my mailbox TODAY! I want to camp out by my P.O. box until it arrives, that is how badly I want to find something that works, other than eos whose flavors are ‘meh’ at best).

If it works, I’ll share the details!

Evening Sickness

This one always throws me a bit, it’s a bit of a “so hungry I could barf” feeling, along with zero appetite. It makes me forget it’s ‘morning sickness’ as it hits around 6 – 8 PM each evening. Yesterday it was enough to make me say “I think I might puke,” to my wife, though I knew I was far from physical illness. I am pretty in tune with my body and I definitely feel a bit out of sorts.

This time, it’s also a slight sea-sickness feeling that comes and goes quickly (I’ve only experienced actual sea sickness once, thanks to my amazing inner ear. Hey, a girl’s gotta brag about what she’s got). I didn’t experience that during my pregnancy with Canyon, the puke-y feeling was very mild but noticeable, while long lasting. This morning as I was dressing my child, I felt like I needed to sit down for a second, I was almost dizzy! Then, just like that, it was gone.

Cravings (same as before)

Give me all of the oranges.

And orange juice.

And avocado, dried fruit, almonds and walnuts, strawberry milkshakes with chocolate added… (To Be Continued)

Cravings (different than last time)

Lucky Charms? I don’t even EAT boxed cereal! (two boxes so far this month…)

Ranch. Seriously WTH? AND…only the kind Red Robin has.

In fact, I am going there today to get a $6 mac and cheese with three sides of ranch to last me a week’s worth of dinner salads, and Amy’s lunch tomorrow will be mac and cheese. YES I know I can probably ask them what brand it is and buy some myself – but I swear it’s just better when it comes from there, and I love having a little container to just dip in a miniature cucumber or two – another craving that is different than last time but I’ve eaten one Costco pack and two from Trader Joes… Also, my wife enabled me by mentioning it in the first place…and I wasn’t going to say no! I can’t imagine having my salad without that ranch today, my usual DIY balsamic sounds awful right now (I SWEAR it’s usually tangy and peppery and delicious)!

Other than that, I am experiencing mild exhaustion, which the Ovia app says should hit about now. Considering that I am a blogger/vlogger/stay-at-home mama with a jam packed schedule…in the middle of yet another house remodeling project, this is to be expected!

The app’s solution? Take daily naps when you can. (hahaha –> repeat to infinity).

What Ovia says is happening in the sixth week of pregnancy:

NOTE: The app I currently use changes pronouns, we do not know if the baby will be male or female as our embryos were not PGD tested. With that said, here is what we are looking at today!

From Ovia App (Free on iTunes):



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