I Should Be Getting Ready

I should be getting ready for my ultrasound appointment. My hair is still damp from a 6 a.m. shower, and baby is about to wake up.

I should be stuffing the diaper bag, getting the car warmed up to go pick up my wife.

But I am posting a quick thank you for everyone who has followed our journey. We will be letting you know the results of the SCH ultrasound to monitor that blood clot, either today or tomorrow.

I have been anxiously ticking down the hours until this appointment. I’ve kept myself busy with lots of things (being a finalist for a pregnancy documentary produced by Courtney Cox? Cutting out and sewing sets of flannel for preschool? Working with our clinic to finalize our pregnancy story for their blog? YES)! Still this week of “moderated activity / bed rest” was the longest, EVER.

I should be getting ready. Since when did I become a slug?



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