After 8 Weeks, I Can Breathe

Don’t get me started on all the things that can still go wrong in the first trimester, pregnancy, and birth. I am finally taking a breath for the first time in eight weeks, and it feels damn good.

We saw our Little Bear’s heart rate on the computer screen, a perfect 168.73 bmp and measuring 15.97 mm – a perfect 8 weeks 0 days. Almost just as sweet was the sight of a drastically reduced subchorionic hematoma. While it is still present (doctor thinks it will just hang out there and maybe eventually go away!) it is down to about a centimeter in size and the only restrictions I’ve been put on is no heavy lifting (Canyon is okay, at 30 lbs) and nothing in the vagina other than the endometrin (suppositories, also known as “crotch spackle” in the TTC world).

TMI? Well, get used to it, if you are following this blog! I will also be posting for our fertility clinic later this month, as well as collaborating with another blogger/Instagram extraordinaire, sharing many “TMI” details along the way. I’ve ripped the band-aid off, folks.

For more lighthearted topics, check out some of my fun preschool and baby activities (end shameless self promotion. Okay not yet – PLEASE subscribe to our YouTube channel if you currently watch and enjoy our content. We put our heart and souls into it, and we would like to be YouTube Creators again — they dumped us for not having 1K subscribers, and we are currently at 933!).

Luckily, Canyon and Pinterest have kept me occupied during the better part of last week’s torturous bed rest which the R.E. admits doesn’t scientifically prove to be more helpful than time and wishful thinking… it’s either going to get worse or not. She concurred that the gallons of water I drank and resting when I saw blood were both helpful things to do, and that if bleeding occurs from this point forward, I need to call them as the clot shouldn’t be forming mass amounts of blood for me to pass, and if I see a little spotting, to take it easy / stop the activity causing the bleeding.

I am happy to know that seeing blood should not be the norm for me, going forward, but rest assured that it’s common for many women to experience heavier bleeding even, when a clot is larger, etc. Each situation is unique!

I was able to make some Pete The Cat and Old MacDonald felt board pieces for our interactive story time, as well as a felt rainbow color sorting mat for his wooden sorting tablets and household objects – all things that will come in handy when I am trying to breastfeed a newborn and keep things entertaining around here with minimal effort.

I will be posting game ideas on how I plan to use these pieces, and how I organize my Preschool teaching supplies, as soon as I can. Resting was good for me, because I wasn’t as rushed to sew all this FELT! Gluing felt never works to me; I’ve tried hot glue, gorilla glue, everything – if you have any tips please let me know! I do like the durability and the look of hand sewn pieces but for times’sake…

That’s it for now. The child, he wakes. Boy, we are going to have our hands full with two. It started really sinking in after yesterday’s appointment. I let myself start my Pinterest board for boy/girl room sharing (omgee because what if). And now that I am finally excited…

I cannot wait!



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