9 Weeks 4 Days Pregnancy. Can’t make me move this time.

Whew! The last couple days were rough, as my partner is out of town on a ladies’ work retreat. I would like to think that normally I would be a rock star on my own, but this first trimester energy crash and morning (and evening) sickness is kicking my butt!

I don’t recall feeling this way in my first pregnancy with Canyon – in fact, I feel like I must have had more energy last time, considering we were able to get our home packed and listed and sold and…We briefly debated doing that again, but I said there’s no way I can do that this time. Plus our baby was three weeks early and I’m going to try to keep down the stress of new home hunting and kitchen remodels and bidding wars, until Bear is safe in our arms.

We didn’t really have a choice last time, as our uber modern loft in Seattle was one giant baby safety hazard. We looked into the trendy ‘baby closet’ living spaces, a la New York designers with small spaces and infants, but quickly felt too Harry Potter about forcing our child to live in our closet. A room under the stairs would have been nice – but I digress.

After 4 years TTC and FINALLY getting pregnant in 2016, we started working with our real estate agent 3 weeks into our pregnancy, and our home closed in 18 days! We were so excited…and nervous, as we bid on 7 homes — even though we were often offering more than the house was listed for, we were getting ousted in favor of cash offers (who has cash for a house?!) and those who chose to waive inspections or even appraisals. That made us too nervous, so we kept getting booted to the drawing board again and again, until finally we found a home in Kent, a few miles south of Seattle.

Even as we got the keys, we moved in feeling a little bittersweet. It sure wasn’t our DREAM home, but it was somewhere. We knew we planned to move as soon as we did some redesigning of the kitchen and laundry rooms, and I imagine when baby is born the clock will start ticking again. But as for moving during pregnancy again? Big fat NOPE! It’s do-able and we pulled it off. But I’ll be damned if it didn’t stress me out majorly, and I will avoid it if at all possible! I mean, Grampa was at our home the day before we arrived from the hospital with our new baby, installing air conditioners for us – thanks, Gramps! We were embarrassed it wasn’t done yet but every day was packed full of to-do’s and it was on our list…yet, when Canyon arrived three weeks early, it cut into the last phases of our remodel project; we had just installed the kitchen sink in weeks prior, and our kitchen still had drywall to patch and window trim to replace.

We didn’t have our living room furniture yet, so guests coming to see the baby would sit on lawn chairs Amy would pull into the living room; It wasn’t ideal but we got through it! A week into me trying to nurse in bed and crying, and she was at the furniture store sending me photos of rocking recliners. “This one? Grey? Glider?” I love my family so incredibly much.

I know every pregnancy is different, but I’ll be darned if I’m not thinking this one must be a girl. Everything is different – cravings, energy, the morning dashes to the bathroom… all of it! I remember eating pounds of oranges – I mean, I lived off these things! At least a bag of cuties every two weeks plus a gallon of orange juice every time we went to the store. With my current morning sickness situation, the thought of oranges coming up sounds so acidic and awful that I’ve skipped them all together in the last few weeks.

We’ve bought probably 3 cartoons since Canyon has been born (Amy and I aren’t big juice drinkers) and the craving is nowhere in sight. Apples and apple juice though… which makes me laugh. Are we comparing pregnancy with fruits?

Oranges to apples. If I had to bet today, I’d say GIRL! But I won’t be disappointed if it’s another sweet little boy. In fact, I am preparing myself for a boy, which maybe means I secretly want a girl. I don’t even care, I am honestly so happy that our little baby is growing bigger each time we get a peek! Little Bear will be perfect, to us.

The last two mornings, Canyon and I were up at 3 and 4 a.m., respectively. Usually I can play with him and tire him back out in an hour and put him down for another hour or so of sleep. Today he actually went down easily, after a little bottle. I give him his pacifier and a jealous side eye before starting the decaf and sitting down to catch up on vlogs and blogs.

I wouldn’t change mom life for the world. But I sure will be happy when Amy gets home! To all the single mamas out there, you the real M.V.P.s! Fist bump and happy Saturday.

Here’s last night’s PIO (progesterone in oil) shot, if you missed it:


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