Week 11 Bumpdate

How’s Mama?

SO STOKED that it’s week 11, that I used the term ‘stoked’.

I mean it; I am feeling so happy to be nearing the end of our first trimester – EIGHT more days of medication, and then the placenta pretty much takes over much of the hormone production and regulation.

So, let’s get into it.



Current Pregnancy:

Evening and Early Morning Nausea (mild to moderate) – Similar to being on a rocking boat. I get sick to the point of vomiting at least three times per week. Only in the morning, or between 4 – 6 p.m. So strange!

Last Pregnancy:

No strong morning sickness, very rarely vomited (maybe six times in total?).

Cravings / Aversions

Current Pregnancy:

Watermelon, raspberries, avocado, strawberry ice cream, organic juices, beef, Life cereal.

Last Pregnancy:

Oranges and orange juice and McDonald’s (that last one sounds horrifying, now).

Also, I couldn’t stand the smell of onions and once cried that Amy forgot and was cooking them in our small loft apartment and went to Target…so funny now, because onions are delicious and I cannot WAIT for spaghetti tonight!


Current Pregnancy:

Every day, I am up at 2 or 3 a.m. One of these days, I am going to succumb to an afternoon nap while my child is down!

My Ovia pregnancy app tells me relaxin is making my joints and tendons a bit looser, which I also remember reading last pregnancy, and I feel this has a lot to do with me not getting comfortable at night.

I am sweating profusely and don’t want to use my pillow until I am off of the progesterone injections, which is making my body odor absolutely strange – I am still soaking through the sheets at night, despite no heat in our room!

Last Pregnancy:

I remember ordering my pregnancy pillow (Snoogle?) around this time, last time; not that my stomach was bothering me, I wasn’t showing a bit until at least week 14 or so. My hips had begun to get a little achy at night around this time, but both pregnancies so far my stomach-sleeping ways are still the preferred position.


Closing Thoughts:

I have to wonder how the different protocols for each pregnancy affected my symptoms (progesterone injections, estrogen patches, etc). At some point I’ll consider that pregnancies for women carrying boy vs. girl babies differ, and pregnancies themselves are different with subsequent cycles, in the same woman.

It is fascinating to reflect on how differently every woman’s symptoms present, from one woman to the next. So if you are obsessing over early trimester symptoms in your first pregnancy, don’t be disheartened if your boobs don’t hurt (mine never did) or panic if you spot or bleed (I did, for most of my first trimester, and so far so good).

Actually, do panic, if that’s what you feel like doing. I can attest that you can’t ‘cry’ a pregnancy to an end!

Best wishes!







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