Baby Girl Hightower NAME REVEAL

Baby Girl Hightower has a name! We are so excited to see Canyon become a big brother, and we can’t wait to meet baby Dakota June (due October 17, 2018).


Dakota is so loved already, and we are so thankful for all of the love and support we have received in recent months. June is a special month for us, being our first son’s original due date month (though he came a wee bit earlier than we expected) and also being Pride Month in many cities around the world. June is also the month we were joined into domestic partnership (2012) and we think it works beautifully as a middle name.

If you missed the name reveal video posted yesterday, you can still see it on YouTube – So many wonderful LGBT and family vloggers joined in to help us with the announcement, and I really suggest watching it in it’s entirety. The video is styled after the ‘Wheel of Fortune”  game show, and participants had no idea what the final answer (a.k.a. our name choice) would be!

Check it out!

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