31 Weeks 1 Day

Baby Dakota is the size of a head of romaine lettuce and we are still waiting for our house keys – how is time flying so quickly and yet taking FOREVER at the same time?

Pregnancy seems to intensify the conundrum of the passage of time, and packing up our home and staying in temporary housing only compounds the situation; nevertheless, we are grateful for family to help us occupy our idle hours and let us use their laundry facilities and air conditioning during the last few (hottest!) days of the summer.

There have been some wildfires burning in the surrounding areas, and much of Washington state is under unhealthy air warnings. In fact, Wenatchee reached a hazardous level this week, and staying inside all day in a house that isn’t our own has been a bit taxing for Canyon and I. Amy has started working with a new division of the same company, and seems to be liking it pretty well. We are all trying to settle into a new routine while waiting anxiously for things to get crazy again.

Canyon was born at exactly 37 weeks, after I was diagnosed with a slow amniotic leak and pre-eclampsia. We will get the keys to our new home during week 34 – to say we are eager to get the cribs put together and the sheets washed is an understatement!

We have a midwife appointment in our new town this evening – luckily they had an evening spot available so that Amy could join me after work to tour the facility for the first time. I was able to go for my glucose screening a couple of weeks ago and I am so hopeful we will get to experience the serene birth center for delivery of baby Dakota. Last go ’round we were admitted to the hospital to start the process of labor induction after blood pressure continued to rise over the course of a few days.

Our midwifes in Seattle explained that a woman’s subsequent pregnancies can be very different from each other – our midwives here in Wenatchee further explained that sometimes the body has a rough first pregnancy and that pre-eclampsia is most common in first pregnancies. My blood pressure has been looking great so far (and if anything slightly lower than usual) so I am hopeful it will stay this way; I haven’t noticed any major swelling yet which was starting to appear around this time during my pregnancy with “Canyon man” (as his Mom calls him).

We should get the keys to our new house before the first week in September comes to an end, if everything is on track. So far, things are moving along! We sign our final closing documents for our Kent home tomorrow, and the air quality is slowly improving which means we can escape the confines of our recent haunts: Target and the library and the local burger joint “Bernie’s Burgers N’ Suds. Before the smoke invasion we were enjoying the outdoor water parks and splash pads every other day, and enjoying Nanny and Papa’s yard: running back and forth and back and… you get the idea.

Fingers crossed for a speedy delivery on the new house documents, and for normal range blood pressure in the coming weeks!


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