Coming Into Our Own

The last couple of weeks in our temporary housing has been a breath of fresh air – (although the air quality still hovers somewhere between “bad” and “dangerous” on any given day). We have been able to entertain ourselves indoors a bit better than we were able to last week, when the air conditions forced us inside after weeks of enjoying the local water parks and such.

The change was difficult to get used to at first, making us feel like trapped animals and further increasing my stir-crazy nesting anxieties…but like all things difficult you just have to take what you get and roll with it. We have accepted the poor air quality and carried on, despite it. We continue to be grateful for those battling to suppress the wildfire flames and honor in thought those who have lost their lives to them.

Canyon is really coming into his own, growing at least an inch since the house sold and adding many words to his repertoire, though some of them come out a little garbled and nonsensical. After weeks of listening to him insist that his new bee replica toy was, in fact, a “bumble butt” I tried to catch him on film saying it. Of course, he self corrected the second I began to record and hasn’t gone back to the term since. Though it was painfully adorable to watch him delight in pulling it from his toy shelf and proclaim “bumble butt!” I am also glad he has decided to use proper nomenclature, even if it comes with a slight accent with a foreign slant I can’t quite place (southern?). “Bumble Baeee”. It reminds me to take more photos and videos – we have not been vlogging as much as we would like to, and I forget that these adorable stages he is going through are fleeting moments.

We have a couple of weeks remaining until we get our house keys and schedule the movers to deliver our belongings. I am so excited to start putting together our home, one box at a time. I am still under strict orders to keep my blood pressure down until delivery day and I will be working hard to successfully nurse, which means keeping my blood pressure down after baby gets here. Fall is my favorite season, and it feels appropriate to nest in and enjoy a couple weeks with my family of three before the baby arrives. Either way, September and October are on the way, and I couldn’t be more excited. (Decaf PSL, anyone?)

Until the smoke clears a bit more we have been keeping our days filled with indoor adventures, and Canyon has decided walking around a store is exponentially more fun than being pushed around in a cart. We also make weekly library trips while we wait for the movers to bring home our entourage of story books, and I have been shamelessly printing my ten free black-and-white .PDFs (a privilege that comes with the library card) and putting my new thermal laminator to use, creating all sorts of fun things for “older” Canyon: file folder games, Playdoh mats, routine cards and matching games. Creating my own versions has been a fun nap time activity during the long days in transitional housing; I am also catching up on a few books I’ve been meaning to read for some time.

In our new home we will have a master bedroom for the moms (an en suite, finally!), a shared room for the kids, and a multipurpose room that will be used for crafts/office/tot school/preschool. We won’t have a designated play room, but will be able to utilize a toy rotation set up in the corner of the dining/living area, which worked well for us in our last home. Despite my wife and I’s OCD and clutter-free tendencies, it is just bound to look like children live in our house for years to come. Which is okay. Because they do.

If you follow MommaAMommaB on Pinterest you can download some of my free preschool printable worksheets and folder activities on my shared boards (geared mostly for 2 to 3 year olds). Once we put these materials to use we will try to upload some videos of how successful they were!

Until next time,

Mama B

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