What is Down Time, anyway?

We’re baaaack! By ‘we’ I mean myself and my mind. Kind of.

Okay, I already sound nuts. Scratch that and let’s start over.




We are finally moved into our new place, and most of the boxes are unpacked. Those remaining items are in a somewhat organized stack to be gone through at a later date. The important part is that I’ve finally gotten all the kids’ stuff put away, we have clean sheets and are back to somewhat of a normal routine (vs. waking up each day saying Omigod). There are a few house repairs necessary (yes – even in a brand new complete remodel, the plumbing and electrical need some work) but the labor bags are packed and if baby girl arrives in a few weeks we won’t all be crying.

I’ve finally set up a space to sit and have a cup of coffee and work on the blog during down time. Today I finally got a moment of down time while Canyon is asleep and the baby is still doing her time on the inside (Yes! Actual down time for me, not just “time to feverishly unpack a box or wash something”). I should be preparing for tomorrow’s yard sale, but I decided I deserve a reward for packing, staging, selling, moving, buying, unpacking, and organizing two homes in the last two months.


I planned on catching up with you for a hot second, but now I remember how much stuff there really is to do in the garage (plus I need to repair a burnt tail light and break down some empty boxes and and and) before the baby wakes up.

I spent most of his nap working on my latest page update: “Nursing Busy Bags – Entertaining a Toddler while Breastfeeding A Newborn“. 

Because when I think of me time, I think of you.

Go check that out and I’ll see you again soon.



Mama B



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