August Be Like

We have been trying to catch up around the house, and with social media, and with family and friends while simultaneously live less technology-dependent summer lives and being on the road every weekend. Summer for the Hightowers are crazy, but then again so are the winter holidays…

We are pretty accustomed to hanging on for dear life around here, while life throws us one curve ball after the next and we struggle with making “the right” huge life changing decision every few months, or so it seems (sell a house, take a new job, try for babies, raise babies, remodel, travel, invest, spend, splurge, save, sign up, cancel).

Just when life decides to slow down and school season starts back up, I feel like I should have a bit more time. My wife won’t be working overtime at the job sites a few towns over, and our baby is getting more comfortable in her own crib with every passing night.  I actually have a place lined up where my toddler can play with others and do fun activities for an average of 5 hours per week.  We have one more big vacation lined up (Hawaii) and our other summer travels should be easy, short car trips.

This fall, we have an October birthday for the big girl (Me! I will be thirty five! And also, we will have a one year old on the sixth). So instead of breathing and relaxing or finally reading a dang book, I decided to write this post! Sign up for youth soccer volunteering (a serious bucket list item for me, and something I have dreamed of doing since I was around ten years old). Do all the things!

Because though life is busy (and yes, sometimes crazy), these moments are the sweetest. My son yelled across the table at me today “that cheesy bean is gonna make you TOOT” and laughed so hard at himself he about fell off his chair. When I laughed he told me no, in fact it wasn’t funny at all. Which made it funny. Until the whole family was laughing, and I wasn’t even mad about how many beans were in however many people’s hair; nor was I contemplating how bananas got glued to the underside of the table, dead center, when nobody has left their chair and nobody’s arms are that long. I didn’t care that I would for certain be the one tasked with cleaning up this banana and roughly 80 percent of all other discarded bananas, until my children move out. Then I will only have to deal with trying to get my wife to try a banana – because they are so good for you!

I was just present in the moment and grateful for this food and thankful for this family. (Even if it’s kiiiiinda their fault that I can’t write a cohesive blog post these days. Someone, please tell us all to slow down one of these days.  But not too soon.)




For extra cuteness, check out this week’s product review vlog!




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