Mess-Free Activities for Pre-K, Home-School, Tot Programs

Mess-free activities for your pre-k, homeschool or tot programs:

00:00:20 Tints, Tones & Shades Felt Activity Mat with Dollar Tree “Jenga” game pieces
00:00:45 Pattern Matching Cards (Available for FREE at–4240535?aref=myl642e3 )
00:01:06 Sorting
00:01:38 Water Break and Trampoline Time!
00:02:18 DIY Fishing Game
00:02:48 Flash Cards – Open Ended Discussions are the best (“tell me about these cards”).
00:04:30 Sissy is Walking!
00:05:03 Ice Cube Smashing
00:05:24 Car Wash Station
00:07:47 Fine Motor / Sorting with Tongs and Mini Hair Ties
00:08:14 Coloring / Markers (We like the Mess-Free Magic Markers!)

Looking for a product you’ve seen on a previous video or post? It might be mentioned on my Amazon Storefront:

Thanks for watching!

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