Water Tummy Time Play Mat Review

After a long road trip we were so excited to come home to a package in the mail containing this fun play mat! I only wish I had this when my first born was a baby – but as a toddler he got a huge kick out of it playing with his ten month old sister.

This play mat has gone through hours of stomping, splashing and tossing, and still hasn’t sprung a leak. I am super impressed; and plan to taking it with us to visit relatives out of town soon. We received this item in exchange for our honest review.

I should have read the two very simple directions in the back so that was my own problem (when I filled the air compartment first). Otherwise this product appears to be self explanatory. (Also: the water drips you see at the end of this video are from the mat being filled in the sink, not from any leaks! That video clip was actually filmed first, and the plug is very secure, similar to an kid’s inflatable pool.)

The company ( Giftinthebox ) has so many great stocking stuffer or kids present ideas available on Amazon. Check them out, they have enabled free shipping to Prime members! We are two moms and we approve this product.

*Thank you to Giftinthebox for gifting me this product in exchange for my honest feedback.*

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