Magnetic A-Frame Board Review (Our new favorite for Tot School!)

We were recently asked if we would be interested in testing a product that may suit our needs as parents and home educators, in exchange for our honest feedback.

We were happy to film a short video to share a more in-depth review. You can find it here:

What I especially loved about this product were two things it wasn’t even intended for: water and chalk! Though I don’t recommend it for those uses, especially not for long term use (as it isn’t cured for water exposure), we had a blast putting this thing to the test. No pinched fingers, minimal frustration, and a huge amount of knowledge opportunities.


Favorite ways to play:

One simple and inexpensive idea is to use the magnetic/foam letters as templates to trace out a word onto card stock – I use dollar store note cards or flash cards for this purpose. Have your child ‘match’ the outlines. Great for fine motor, pincer grasp, and a host of other skills for developing minds and muscles.

We currently have the lowercase set packed with pre-filled flash cards, in a travel pouch (zipper pencil pouch from the Dollar Tree) along with a small magnetic lid that is just the right size for a flash card. This makes for an excellent and quiet take-along kit!

You can find this product, along with a few of our other favorites, on my Amazon Storefront*:


*When customers visit my page and shop on Amazon, I get compensated for purchases in a similar fashion as with the Amazon Associates program. I can now send my followers to shop their favorite products in one place with a trusted e-commerce leader.

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