Morning Motivational – Yeah? Nah?

Youtubers have been doing popular Monday Motivational videos – so I filmed my morning, too!

I like to try to prepare all my lists in my planner and go through things each Sunday evening.

Monday always starts early so I have time to tackle some small side project – today it’s cleaning and sanitizing my makeup bins and assembling products for Amazon review videos.

Join me!

00:00:00 – If I don’t shower first thing, I don’t shower…
00:00:07 – Clean wet hair pinned up and yoga clothes on (set out previous eve)
00:00:12 Cleaning any clutter I didn’t clear last night and disassembling a balloon stand which I was product testing/filming for another video
00:00:26 DIY room spray (vodka + essential oils)
00:00:31 Yoga / Stretching for half hour
00:00:42 Cleaning my gross bedroom mirror (because kids)
00:00:45 Today’s motivation: CLEAN / SANITIZE MY MAKEUP *My brushes and blenders have their own cleaning routine so I just organized these today
00:02:25 I almost give away some of our Unicorn Party secrets – Stay tuned!
00:03:41 This is postpartum hair loss
00:03:45 How I get my kid to STAY IN BED in the morning
00:05:27 Good morning, Canyon James (another bloody nose, poor fella)
00:05:46 Making pancakes because HOT BREAKFASTS!
00:06:59 That’s one buttery pancake
00:07:24 Getting dinner protein thawing first thing in the morning
00:07:19 Weekly sweep of kids rooms – vacuum / sheets / sanitize / air freshen
00:07:26 Daily Tot School / PreK worksheet
07:30:00 If you watch nothing else, watch this epic PINTEREST BABY RECIPE FAIL
09:16:00 Someone’s always getting hurt around here
10:15:00 Going to Library Story Hour at NCRL
13:54:00 I need to get Amy the biggest baddest wife award for killing this black widow (sorry spider lovers)


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