Morning Motivation Pt. 2 | Get Coffee With Me

Continued from part one: MORNING MOTIVATION | Wake Up With Me

In this episode we wrap up our last vlog and start a new day – join me on a coffee date with the coolest kids I know! 😉

Of course we worked for our keep today – a lot of off screen chores that you don’t want to see for the 10th time, as well as working on some editing during nap times. Today was a GOOD DAY.

00:00:03 Amazon delivery, what could it be? 😉

00:00:29 Elderberry syrup delivery from Gaia Papaya

00:00:35 Unboxing the Emart 8.5 x 10 ft Photo Backdrop Stand

00:00:46 Example of 54″ by 108″ table cover on backdrop stand

00:00:57 New green screen?

00:01:40 Radio Flyer delivery from our collaborators

00:02:06 Buckle up for safety

00:03:06 Cute montage of my child enjoying his first ever HOT COCOA from a cafe

00:03:27 Last chance for Ask Us Anything questions! Leave yours in the comments

00:04:19 The part where we get demonetized by YouTube for some silly background music at Starbucks. Get with it, YouTube…

00:04:38 That’s a big sandwich for a little guy

00:06:32 COCOA and PSL cheers! (I always regret the one PSL I get each year)

00:08:56 Stains everywhere and more wardrobe changes (peroxide + dawn)

00:10:02 Chocolate or poop?

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