Date Night Makeup – Interrupted (…by kids and no real date planned, anyway!) | BOBBI BROWN Vitamin Enriched Face Base Review

I decided to do a date night makeup look at around 7 in the morning…

Why? Because why not?

…So when the children woke up at eight o’clock, after I had most of my face done and two curls in my hair, we had breakfast and played with a new sensory basket while I felt extra fancy and enjoyed a hot coffee. Thought I’d share because there’s something about watching makeup tutorials that is fascinating.

I had fun editing the footage – even though it’s not a completed look and it took me more time to edit these vlogs than it did to get ready and feed my children and go to the grocery store.

It was uploaded in two parts (thanks YouTube app) but I’ve posted both parts at the same time so make sure to click through if you want to see the final look!

Thanks as always for being part of our world. We love our online community!

Drop a comment if you want to know more about any of the products used 🙂

Mama B

FTC: The embedded videos feature sponsored products