Get Ready With Us | Unicorn Birthday Party

(Stay tuned for the actual UNICORN BIRTHDAY PARTY event)

We can’t believe our baby is having her first birthday already! Get ready with us in this episode as we record the days leading up to the big event:

Baby Dakota was blessed enough to have two parties this year, since family is spread far and wide. See her Princess party:

Thank you all for all the kind words and encouragement through the years. We are so lucky to have our YouTube community!! 🌈

Get Ready With Us

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:26 Food-safe glitter spray explosion – whoops
00:00:32 Unicorn pool noodles plus Target Dollar Spot unicorn masks for obstacle course
00:00:34 Target (and everywhere) is PACKED with unicorn products right now!
00:00:52 Hanging large decorations days before the party
00:01:03 Clorox wipes for everything – my household is sick four days before the party!
00:01:58 All the menial tasks I don’t film because BORING
00:02:41 Incoco real nail polish strip application
00:04:00 Autumn Leaves PRE-K unit activity “leaf blowing” with balloon pump
00:04:26 Making a cupcake birthday cake with Amazon pan
00:06:15 Cleaning, vacuuming, polishing, scrubbing…the usual 😉
00:08:52 Thank goodness for Ginmic Toys Dinosaur Mat for occupying my children while I cleaned and filmed!
00:09:00 Cute unicorn napkins from Target (matching plates not pictured)
00:09:17 My wife needs to be in all the vlogs!!!! I miss her!
00:09:20 These farm fresh eggs look fake (but they aren’t! See me play chicken farmer in the video link below)
00:10:13 Command strips plus streamers plus wooden dowel make a delightful photo backdrop – I pre-made the streamer/dowel and saran wrapped it until the day of the event
00:10:10 I have the best wife in the entire world (surprising me with coffee since I was up until two A.M. editing vlogs)

Products in this video which are available on Amazon have been linked in our Amazon storefront – we earn a small commission through items purchased directly through affiliate links. Thank you!

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