Clean, Feed Chickens, and Swatch Makeup | #MOMLIFE #LGBT

Just another #DITL ( Day In The Life ) Video!

00:00:20 Potty Training Treat – Mickey Mouse tray with pancakes and fruit

Over a travel weekend we purchased a Mickey Mouse fruit tray from Wal*Mart and I kept it on a whim. I know some YouTube moms (ahem, Beauty and the Beastons) who keep the character juice caps and other weird gimmicky items that their children obsess over, and I feel no shame using pancakes as a bribe if it means I don’t have to scrap a pancake out of underwear. We were fully daytime potty trained for two months, then regressed to pooping even at preschool (barf) and now we are finally resorting to treats, which we have resisted with all our might, but which seem to do the trick. Whew.

00:00:52 Toddler practicing with a pen for the first time

I cringe when I watch the video because OMG TABLE SCRATCHES (but don’t worry, he was using super light pressure and no tables were harmed during this filming. Although silly me, USE A PLACEMAT OR PADDING UNDERNEATH).

00:01:11 Sticker book pages

Always a hit with my 2 year old.

00:01:20 Organizing and lint rolling the dresser drawers

My dresser drawers are lined with some fancy and annoying flocked material, meaning I am constantly fighting the good battle (that is, kicking lint’s arse).

00:01:37 Making a blueberry cobbler

Not because I am fancy or domestic, but because we are having a birthday party soon and I need all the fridge and freezer space I can muster. Breast milk for everyone! (I kid).

00:02:27 Playing Chicken Farmer while my neighbor is at Disney

Whenever anyone needs some B.S. or awkward/weird job done, they call me. I mean, seriously. I have been asked to do all sorts of stuff that strangers can’t bear to ask their family or friends to do for them. I guess that means I make people feel comfortable? Or am I a giant spineless pushover? In this case, I was honored my neighbor asked me for her chicken’s care for the week she was in Disney. Her dogs were boarded, her mom was watching the cats… but chicken people aren’t easy to come by. I’m so glad I took the job, putting an extra few dollars in the kid’s piggy banks and procuring fresh eggs for myself and my mom and sisters and in laws all week! Plus, Canyon got to hand feed some animals, which he lives for.

00:03:34 Saying goodbye to my team – soccer season is ending

I coached YMCA youth soccer this season, but didn’t film it for obvious reasons. Still, I wish I could have shared more with you, we had some seriously amazing highlights and bloopers. Seven year olds are a hoot!

00:03:50 I try so hard to wear lipstick but not sure it’s my thing. #kylielipkit

00:05:00 Cleaning my makeup brushes is super gratifying to me

Please let me know if these cleaning or makeup videos are slowly killing you. But sorry if I don’t quit right away because they give me life! I mean, I love sharing my day with you, and sometimes that means the boring stuff, TBH.

00:07:00 Rockin’ Green Funk Rock takes stubborn stinks out of laundry. I use it for diapers and also for a cleaning rag / kitchen towel laundry (every few months)

00:07:41 Bathroom Deep Clean

I spared the details in the vlog, but I usually try to sanitize the kid’s and master bathroom toilet and sinks every day, and do a deeper clean once per week in both bathrooms. If you want to know more, you can find a Clean With Me playlist on our YouTube channel

00:08:08 My beautiful baby girl (just LOVE HER!!!) and feeling guilty for deep cleaning days. How do vlogging mamas do this without feeling guilty — or secretly having help behind the scenes…?

If you are a stay at home mom just struggling with the basic (and imperative and exhausting) task of ‘just’ keeping your children alive and well, please take a second to give yourself a hug, and to feel the virtual one I am extending to you. It’s so easy to want to portray an effortless life, but you can bet in half my music montages there is a driving force (that is, children arguing or a television show playing).

Nobody is perfect, and if I ever give that impression in any single vlog, make sure to watch the next one; the odds are you will get a glimpse of my hair or house being a wreck! I figured if we have shared birth vlogs at this stage in the game, I fail to see the point being embarrassed of adult acne…

00:08:48 My sister comes over to swatch the Pretty Rich palette by TOO FACED #toofaced

No words. Just watch the pretty colors 😀

Love, Mama B

This video is not sponsored in any way.

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