Flying with Baby and Toddler | Alaska Airlines is the best!

I always wondered how difficult it is flying with small children and now I know!

We had three flights to get from Washington state to Hawaii – there was a little fussing, a couple diaper blowouts, spilled coffee, five hour layovers and various other wildcards…including new friends walking my fussy infant up and down the aisles (thanks Mara)!

I remember the days of traveling with just a backpack, headphones and a nine-hundred-degree coffee. Those days aren’t necessarily long gone, but traveling with hot anything is out of the question for another few years!

Our family managed to spill (iced) coffee in the airport and water sippy cups on the plane. Dakota was going through some major teething (four new ones in six days!!!) so it was a bigger challenge than we planned for…but we did it, and nothing compares to the beauty of our final destination – Maui!

We flew Alaska Airlines, which treats us well. It didn’t hurt that my in-laws are elite members with access to all the fancy board rooms and private bathrooms. I don’t know how we would have survived the five hour layover otherwise!

Hawaii 2019

We packed a lot of snacks and plane toys. And we were so glad that we were seated with other families on our longest flight (five hours).

HITS: a mini etch-a-sketch, story books and sticker books from the Dollar Tree, Crayola Wonder markers, Melissa and Doug Paint With Water activity book with refillable brush, volume-control headphones and noise reducing headphones for the kids. (Find these and more on our amazon store: (we earn a small commission through all items purchased through our shop – thank you!).

Hawaii 2012

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