The Hightower Kids Do Maui

If you watched our last video, you know we had a long day getting our children to Maui. Still, this boy’s smile the first time he stuck his toes in the warm surf was worth ten more flights.

(Okay, maybe just the five plane rides there and back were enough this time. But every second worth it.)

We arrived to our hotel just as the sun was setting, and did a quick tour of our lodging. Gramma and Grampa Hightower were posing as our guides this time, as they have been to this island twenty or so times, and “have done just about ” (except for the aquarium, which they were finally able to check off their list)!

Canyon loved the bunk beds – and after we played for a good twenty minutes and discussed ladder safety and “only with Moms’ help”, I promptly placed a rug next to the bed and removed said heavy wooden ladder, tucking it on it’s side behind the wooden bed frame.

Amy set up the pack-and-play for sister, along with our noise maker / night light machine, as I placed a just-incase piddle pad under the sheets of the bottom bunk, moving the mattress onto the rug at ground level (after the boy fell from the bottom bunk, crying as his head hit the rug I had literally JUST MOVED THERE, the dull thunking sound of the tile below still turning my stomach). I was amazed that they both were able to get a bit of sleep in their shared room for naps (not all) and nights (just the first one).

His head is just fine, by the way. Kid’s got a concrete noggin.

Canyon and I woke up early on the first day, him at exactly eight o’clock Wenatchee time (just as Mr. Goldy Sun rises), or about 5 a.m. island time –just after I had sucked down half a cup of hot coffee and mixed a bottle for the baby, filling sippy cups of water and milk before two tiny feet were heard padding down the hall.

We snuck down to the beach before the household started stirring, wading with pajamaed legs into the rolling tide.

I will cherish moments like these for always. I hope you always find a bit of magic and a reminder of family whenever you hear the ocean, Canyon James.

Dakota, thanks for being there, though you probably won’t remember a dang thing! We decided you get a re-do since you were sick 😉


Mama B

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