Halloween, REPTILES UNIT and Christmas already?!

Here’s a clip from the preview video for our newest Teacher’s Pay Teachers product: REPTILES UNIT Teachers Bundle Pack

(Lizard Boy loved our week of activities!)


That being said…CHRISTMAS TIME is here!

Well… vlogmas, that is. The time of year when vloggers… vlog. Every day, consecutively posting for the 25 days of December leading up to the big day (Christmas, that is).

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting any jingle bell soundtracks for awhile, I just wanted to mention that vloggers and other digital media creators and sellers are most likely thinking about December already (time moves faster in the social media world, I am finding. I refuse to be “behind” this year)! It’s crazy, but many vloggers I have reached out to admit that they too are thinking about content for the Christmas 2019 season.

So, when you watch your favorite episodes this season, consider that they probably filmed their intros and bought special gear and started collaborating with other YouTubers and businesses in months prior.

That is to ask kindly, that if you even marginally enjoy a creator’s content, throw a thumbs-up! It’s whatever the opposite of rude is. And it really helps them with those pesky analytics and helping YouTube become better for it’s partners and viewers.

But I digress.

Amy and I had not been over-the-top fans of the holiday until recent years (her, begrudgingly sharing her birth month; me, getting stressed out about all the gift buying). Yet when our first child came along, we decided to go all in.

We do the whole shebang: family cards, swapping Christmas holiday celebrations each year (her hometown on even years, mine on odd), vlogmas (this will be our third year) and hosting an annual family bowling tournament. I mean, we go hard now.

Our decor spilled outside our house for the first time ever in 2017 (save for the occasional colored bulbs we had been known to screw into the porch fixtures in days leading to the extra ‘time off work’).

Amy even had a Griswold moment of falling off the ladder last year. We kept the light clips up this year to limit time spent up on the ladder. My time spent on the ladder, that is. Now that I’m not pregnant or nursing a newborn, I will be the one resuming those responsibilities. Whew!

Anyways, in preparation for all of my teaching resources that need to be created and listed in my online stores before November plus finding time to catch my YouTube channel up (new intros, new editing software to learn, etc) I am finding that my days look a lot like working from home.

I also am thinking about volunteering with the YMCA again for basketball – I tried tried tried to talk Amy into it (basketball is her thing! I hardly even like it!), but she says she’s not interested but wants me to do it. Admittedly, it was fun to coach. I am considering it (but why, after the I-am-so-busy rant?).

I must organize and sell and donate and pack away and re-hang clothes that I have taken out of every drawer and dresser in sister’s room in a fit of organizing (before she made it painfully aware that she needed her bedroom for sleep at that instant, and I had to abandon the project. It’s waiting for me at home).

But before all that…I must sew a Winnie-the-Pooh costume tonight or tomorrow (the pajamas I ordered for the base of it just arrived on the day of the writing of this blog, 10/25. By the times you read this post, Halloween has come and gone, and I am editing this from the future – neat!).

While life is crazy and chaotic and showing no signs of slowing any time soon with two young children sharing the same bubble as me at most all times, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I remember the days I wished for these days. Really. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am.

Still, it’s nice when I get the luxury of stepping out for a coffee all by myself on a Friday, when my spouse’s week ends early. The fact that it’s a luxury is by no means lost on me, and while I catch up on saying hello to you guys and having a quick snack, I struggle with the mom guilt of not being at home for a moment. For spending a few dollars. You know, all the things.

Trying to film it all, opening our house and home to criticism but really truly loving the art of vlogging. I even recently found a mom bashing site that is dedicated to singling out YouTube moms and family vloggers and just picking them apart. A bullying community, basically. While I don’t have the honor of being popular to be mentioned on it, a few of my friends channels are mentioned and it makes me sick to think of how mean people can be.

It’s a struggle that will one day force me to segway my channel to protect my children as they ‘opt out’ of filming (and likely, before then. I’m torn between keeping their lives 100 percent private and sharing them with the general public, which can be a scary place. But being in public can be scary, too. Do I save them from it? And in many cases, our kids sign release waivers for social media appearances as they do sports or special events. Do we opt out of those, too? Where’s the line? For now, I will try to find a healthy balance.)…

If you have any favorite video, please throw a ‘LIKE’ so I know what kind of content to make as our family vlogs face an uncertain future. It’s hard to envision the work that goes into vlogging each week, but it’s a true labor of love – so I’ll find a way to make it happen!

As far as vlogmas goes, we look forward to posting a short video update every day. It’s a great way for you to get to see more of the real ‘uncensored’ us. No “Cinematic B Roll”, just good old vlog-style vlogging. Just us, talking to you.

We will also have our normal product reviews thrown in, with some favorites, guest appearances, Christmas card swaps, challenges and tags, travel vlogs and MORE!

Until then, it’s business as usual.


Happy Christmas in October (…Remember to check out REPTILES Unit before you go)!


Mama B

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