Halloween Hangovers

Click bait title! No hangovers for us, not this year – sugar nor otherwise.

I made a joke to my wife in the middle of costume struggles and trying to get out the door that “this is the last year I’m doing this, next year we will get Halloween themed drinks and call it a day!” Then in seemingly the next instant we were laughing at the somewhat-managed chaos and taking family photos and I remember that some day, I’ll be looking at these pictures and glad I have them. I mean, I already forgot what my one year old was for Halloween last year! (I kid. Sort of.)

(She was a bear.)


We were all in bed by 10 this year, after trekking through the Hundred Acre Wood as a rag tag Winnie-the-Pooh themed entourage. Okay, not the forest per se…but at least The Avenue (our downtown collection of small businesses and restaurants worth a darn).

We exhausted the kids and even had a moment to ourselves to catch up after a very busy week. We decided our time was best spent calling it an early evening.

I woke up feeling ready to tackle the weekend (a time when I get a lot of my social and digital media projects done).

It was another successful year!


Canyon walked through our town as if he were in a dream land, too stunned this year to utter the magic words until the very last few candy volunteers near our parked car stopped to talk to him for a moment.

“Happy Halloween.” Barely a whisper. What a whisper wants to be when it grows up some day.

To be fair, what we had just experienced was almost a feeding frenzy of candy goers that would shock anyone – especially a two year old (at one point I heard people shouting at their children to hurry, or in some cases even run, and in other unrelated incidents I heard the words “go” and “faster” intentionally strung together).

Tiny, bucket wielding characters such as unicorns and uni-kitties (a modern twist on the classic cat costume) as well as pint sized dinosaurs (some costumes inflated with air yet, somehow, remaining delightfully small) and terrifying Pennywise imitators – all rushed along by their parents, many of whom were trying to avoid clipping the heels of strangers who were also walking briskly (and within the nearest six inches from our wheels at any given moment).

We were hurried, single file, from business to business. I mean, there was no official beginning and end to the thing, you just kind of timed the flow of the crowd and…went for it!

Despite being 3 P.M., there had been a chill in the air, the tall buildings blocking most of the sun, and we made quick work of it: Tigger, Pooh, a tiny bumblebee — and me (a blue pot of ‘hunny’).

Next, it was off to Nan and Papa’s, where we can always count on a special treat. This year it was a hot slice from Amy’s favorite Wenatchee pizzaria Abby’s Pizza N’ More (where we hosted a baby shower and celebrate all our family birthdays – we do combined celebrations every few months for the older “kids”, ahem, among us. Complete with beer!).

By then, the Trick Or Treat seal had been broken. It was on! A rice cereal and marshmallow treat was quickly devoured, followed by a piece or three of chocolate, and then the poor child was forced to eat something substantial. A few bites of pizza, which he thoroughly resisted.

If you would have seen the look in his eye, you would have let him go for it, too – despite the risk of a huge meltdown and sugar induced fit and bedtime chaos.

But – so far, so good. When I told him he was done with candy for the night, he took a half-sucked sucker out of his mouth and PUT IT BACK IN THE WRAPPER AND HANDED IT OVER.

Maybe I got majorly lucky this year or perhaps he was simply tired out from the wonder of SPOOKY HALLOWEEN to bother with a bedtime negotiation. Either way, I’ll take it!


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