My Spouse Quit Their Job (and I am a Stay-at-Home Parent)

Okay, I jokingly “gotcha” with click-bait titles in weeks past. But today it’s true: my wife just left her job of 15 years.

We made the decision together, and after a tremendous amount of soul searching and yes, even praying about it. There was no bright shining light beaming down, no pottery falling off the shelf when we asked for a sign, no…anything, really. No swelling music, no symbols, no premonitions or dreams. Not even really a “for sure” feeling.

I was on her side, ready to take on whatever the occasion called for. If she felt comfortable staying with a secure job, sure. If she made a change and the new job fell through, I could go back to work while she stayed home. We could both work at new jobs. Or, she could take on a new challenge and excel, getting the job title and the salary she felt she was ready for, when the opportunity presented itself.

Change is always uncertain; sometimes, so is the certain.

And then, it actually happened. A perfect position lined itself up and she decided she had found something worth taking the jump, she felt.

The day she called me after her official resignation papers had been typed up and printed and handed to her superior. That’s when “the feeling” came. Of knowing it’s the right thing to do (even though it was scary).

Instead of being as terrified as I am every single time I leave a job, she was shining and eager. I could see her virtually glowing in a sunlit photo she sent me on her long drive home (from an out of town meeting). She was feeling strange and excited at the same time, she told me.

While this remains her story to tell, it ultimately may upset our apple cart for a bit while we work out the moving parts that come along with making a big new transition. So I figured I’d mention it.

She sent a video to me on that drive home from her very last day of work, something she normally doesn’t do (record herself without my cajoling – ha!). She asked me if I’d gotten it when she arrived home and I said yes, and she said she wanted it to be posted because it’s how she feels and she wanted to keep you all updated.

“Are you sure? I mean, literally anyone can see it as they eat their popcorn.”

She nodded. “It’s not like I said anything I wouldn’t tell anyone who asked.”

It will be a couple of tough months as the growing pains settle in as Amy looks forward to joining a new team and the pain of leaving good people behind her (future editorial me confirms that yes, she had a couple of rough days in the days between transitions where she just “felt tired for no reason” and literally had to be reassured that there was in fact a reason. She just ran a mental marathon!).

I am confident that she will be amazing and that our family we will make it work no matter what.

For now, I’ll continue to stay at home with the kids – one of whom is nearly an official pre-schooler! It’s been one of my life’s greatest joys and biggest challenges to be away from the work force yet juggling a household full time and seemingly working on side hustles non-stop.

Like we always say: “Stay Positive and Good Things Will Happen.” We will remind ourselves that as we look forward to new challenges and adventures ahead.

It’s been fun sharing our story and we look forward to seeing where 2020 takes us!


Mama B

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