Behind the Camera – Amy “busted” me this week!

It was fun to have an extra person (and camera!) this week to give you a closer look into our true daily routine.

We always joke that in order to give a full picture, we need to have a camera crew (and we almost did, one time. Do you guys remember that interview we had for the Courtney Cox documentary “9 Months”?

I still haven’t seen it, but apparently it’s a facebook series.

Needless to say, they didn’t think we were interesting enough – but I’m glad you guys do!

Sometimes we catch the occasional blooper, like sissy bonking her head or brother bonking his head (both in the same video; kids, amirite?).

Hope you enjoy this week’s footage and thanks for staying positive with us during Amy’s big job transition. We have made the most of the couple extra days we got with her this week:

We picked the wireless headphones from a list of possible review items – how interesting were our other choices, though?


Mama B

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