Purses and Stuff: Life without a Diaper Bag?

This week I started off the vlog with a little introduction of the four handbags I am most often using these days.

One of the bags was given to us by an Amazon retailer and this particular bag gave me a glimpse into what life might be like when I don’t have to lug around diaper bags (soon)! But until then, here are two diaper bags and two…adult bags.

The leather purse shown in the beginning clips are by Kattee – Retailing at just $52, I was quite impressed!

My KATTEE after many months of use đź‘Ś

Purchase link is in the vlog’s description box (expand the YouTube video below):

My current bag is a beautiful Levy (now available in ash blue) by Happ. I love the quilted look and the gold embellishments, as well as the sturdy feet on the bottom. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been stopped by many people to ask where I’d gotten it (at the retailer’s website, incase you are wondering!) – And the response is almost always of surprise, when I tell them it’s a diaper bag!

Amy’s favorite bag is a backpack style, with sturdy comfortable straps and lots of pockets for organization, as well as two easy-to-access side pockets for bottles and sippies, and insulated interior pockets to keep prepared bottles cold.

I can’t find the link anymore, but it’s worth sleuthing out if you’re on the hunt for a new bag! It’s by LekeBaby, and the cool grey color is great for hiding debris or spills when they happen!

The updated LekeBaby Diaper Bag

I found a link to the newest model and included it in my Amazon Storefront incase you want to try it out for yourself. At $36 it’s not a bad investment (Amazon Prime members are able to return items at no cost if they don’t meet expectations).


The last bag on my list is a small crossbody purse for child-free date nights – the whopping five we’ve had since becoming parents!

Nothing beats leaving all the stuff behind and taking the bare essentials. Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Wallet? Done.

It’s in my coat closet and I can’t be bothered to look at the brand. I got it from Target many moons ago, and like most things I want to recommend to you, I’ll likely never find it online (because I’m the worst blogger).

The point is: get yourself a small purse!

Be Happy Mum Team

I feel like a whole new woman (or my old self?) when slightly less weighed down with everyone else’s junk. I mean, necessities.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate deeply the fact I am able to provide my kids with all of the things. I just never thought I’d really need so. much. stuff.


(Can you believe it’s almost PRESCHOOL TIME?)


Mama B

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