Indoor Playgroup at PYBUS Market

It’s the most wonderful season of all! #PYBUSPUBLICMARKET

The doors have opened for our most inexpensive) playgroup for the Fall/Winter season – INDOOR PLAYGROUND at PYBUS (pronounced: PIE-bus) Public Market.

(Canyon’s “other favorite” playgroup is the YMCA Open Gym in Wenatchee, which starts later this year).

The indoor playgroup at Pybus Public Market (whose slogan is “Where the COMMUNITY Meets”) is ideal for children birth to school age.

My own son had a blast last year. We had just welcomed his sister Dakota in our family, and we all needed to get out of the house during blizzard season.

We went for the first time last week, and again a few days ago. Yep! Indoor Playground is definitely going to be our “beat the chill” spot for winter 2019!

The playroom at Pybus is conveniently located right next to both the mens and womens restrooms, and the market has lots of fresh food and restaurants to appease to your hungry family members (Warm PB&J on grilled sourdough?)!

In the newborn days, while juggling a toddler and trying to keep everyone fed, I would often grab last-minute grocery items at the market, or treat myself to a morning coffee when our day had gotten off to a particularly rough start. Then, I’d settle in and let the kids play and meet new friends while I either chatted with or at least exchanged glances with other humans – besides my own.

The best part is, it costs just $1 for local residents (in the Wenatchee area – $1.50 for everyone else, still a bargain)! I also loved that it started at 9:00 A.M., since we are up early and ready for adventures at that time.

Many local playgroups and mom’s groups would not meet until later in the day, I found out last year; this year, our favorite library story hour isn’t until our usual lunch time.

While our library finishes it’s current renovation, we look forward to spending time at Pybus a couple times a week. I simply don’t enjoy lugging all of us up and down three flights of stairs for the bathrooms at the temp library, which has happened the last three times we visited.

It’s nice to get out of the house, and always good to get fresh air in the winter time.

If you’re a Wenatchee resident looking for something fun to do with your baby or toddler for the snow season of 2019 – head to Pybus Market for the 9-12 playgroup!

If you’re a mom with littles, you might also be interested in the MomStrong workouts through Wenatchee Family Fitness – held in the boardroom of the marketplace starting Nov. 18.

See the current registration and class schedules here.

From their website:

Introducing our small group winter Mom Strong Sessions, held M-W-F in the Board Room at Pybus Market.  These sessions are results driven!  You’ll work closely with our trainers to develop a plan focused on optimizing your overall health and well-being.  Sessions include:

  • Initial and Final Assessments – allowing you to track your transformation
  • Custom workouts incorporating High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Barre, & Yoga – led by our pre and postnatal certified instructors
  • Community of moms and instructors to support you through your journey
  • Bring the kids along with you!  We incorporate them in the workouts – No need for a babysitter
  • Nutritional support and guidance from our sports nutrition specialist
  • Coordinated play dates and mom night outs

Pricing: Full Session is $200.  Drop-in rate (for single class) is $12.


Mama B

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