5 Days Of Amazon Gift Ideas Under $50


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To kick off our countdown to Christmas, we will also be posting 5 days of new ideas for your holiday Amazon gift lists here on MommaAMommaB.com

*If you want a spoiler alert, visit our Amazon Seller’s Page where you can find links to all of our favorites: Amazon.com/shop/MommaAMommaB

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Today is our first Top Ten List. I hope you enjoy! (If you do, please remember to pin this post by clicking any pinterest logo/icon on this page.)

Happy Shopping!

10 Gifts Under $35 for the Pregnant / Expecting Parent

1. $25 White Noise Machine (This one is portable, with a battery option as well as a night light and projector, with a bonus music option – we own and love this one!)

2. $29.99 Portable Booster Seat – We did a ton of research, and though a lobster attachment works well, we were too nervous to scuff a table. This one has worked perfectly for our needs, and on sale now at Amazon

3. $28.99 Organic Drool Bib – This infinity scarf style is ultra modern with cool tones and quality fabric – for the hard-to-please baby in your life

4. $25 Baby Swaddles – I love grey and cream as the gender neutral colors, and swaddles saved our life with Baby #1 – we couldn’t have too many on hand

5. $18 Ultra Thin Velvet Baby Clothes Hangers – Space Saving plus it arrives in a pack of 50…yes please!

6. $4 Mustela Between-Wash Cleanser is a gentle non-oil-stripping formula that even the most natural-product-loving parent can appreciate

7. $32 JJ Cole Diaper and Wipe Caddy Organizer I snagged this baby shower gift as my own personal caddy for beside the bed during postpartum time. Perfect for diapers, snacks, sanitizer, chargers, and more!

8. $14.95 RePlay Cups – This seems like a steep price for three cups, but we believe in the product, which is also proudly made in the U.S.A. (and the colors just speak to me – so there’s that)

9. $12.99 Amber Teething Necklace – While we never used one ourselves, I have heard nothing but rave reviews from those who have tried it (raw amber is what you’re looking for – this necklace is!)

10. $13 Polka Dot Unisex Infant Hat because all babies need hats, period (some need the chance to refuse them at all costs!)

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