Target Dollar Spot Valentine’s | Dollar Tree Decor 2020

This year I opened up our Valentine’s day box of decorations – and felt a little less than inspired with the bright pinks and neon sparkles. So of course I had to take a trip to my favorite places to see if I could add a few things to the mix and freshen things up.

Target and Dollar Tree to the rescue!

My winter Instagram color story tends to trend more towards saffrons, earth tones and wines right now; Winter has barely gotten underway, yet as we look forward to upcoming holidays, day-glo colors are just not jiving with my palette (something I’ve barely started concerning myself with, but once you get started color designing your life, it’s hard to stop)!

In looking forward to Pantone color trends for Winter and Spring 2020, I found some delight in the prospect of marrying crimsons and corals; crimson and blood-red heavy transitioning from winter with it’s rust and pinecone, adding pops of coral through february, which will pair nicely with turquoise, classic blues and biscay green this Spring.

The possibility of red and pink shade combinations are endless…and then thrown in those wildcard purples and creams and whites and get ready to wander the shopping aisles with an empty or too-full cart for all of eternity.

Blushes and lilacs? Nudes? Pastels? Dusty rose? Target Dollar Spot has it all!

If you’re interested in learning more about color designing…that makes two of us 😉 I’m by no means a voice of opinion on this matter, but I hope to learn more by not only creating inspiration boards but actually referencing them when I save or shop for new decor.

If you have a great resource to share, please do in a comment, below!

And psst…don’t forget about Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree + Krylon

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