Hi guys! Today’s video is a little embarrassing for me to post, but I am ready to serve up motherhood realness because 2020 is the year everyone’s vlogs are getting “better” while behind-the-scenes it is often the same.

VIDEOS POSTED each Monday and Friday at 10 am P.S.T.

I would love if more Mommy Vloggers aired their REAL business, but TBH it doesn’t always make for the best footage.

Who wants to hear me say “Um” and “Like” twenty times?

Nobody wants to hear about your dirty dishes “stress”, Brandi. Show me Tiffani’s immaculate house – or my own made up “self care” routine where the whole world stops spinning so I can enjoy a hot bath and wine and paint my toes and catch up on shows while my BFF paints new highlights in my hair.

Um, WHAT friends? And I’d need to clean the tub before I ever even considered putting myself in it.

Okay, okay, I know self care is important, but try as I might I can NOT film a video to prove that I actually do it. And then I think “what’s the point of that video?” I can’t tell other moms how CRUCIAL it is, when I barely take time. Maybe I do need a routine, but until I actually do I’m not forcing some trendy video for you. It’s just too weird.

In today’s vlog, I had no introduction clip planned so I just tried to wing it, and the wheels fell off. I ended up bawling about a stranger’s dead baby after complaining how my own kids refused to act right in a restaurant. It just goes to show that life is all about give and take, and that just because something is overwhelming or someone in our life is being difficult, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t grateful.

Emotions also hit us when we least expect it, when we’ve been
holding something inside. It often comes out at the strangest time(s)!

I guess I’m sick of the illusion of perfection online, but at the same time I won’t watch this video after I post it because it is actually embarrassing how ‘all over the place’ I am. I want you to know I cringe when I watch it, too! 😉

Motherhood after infertility is especially difficult – not only do we feel the need to be 100 percent grateful and happy at all times, we feel like we have to express that outwardly, and frequently. I want you to know that it’s OKAY to have a hard day with your child, even while someone in your community is grieving the loss of their own. It doesn’t make you LESS THAN. It makes you human.

These difficult days don’t come as often as they used to immediately post-partum: we have settled into a pretty great family routine which helps ease everyones frustration. I also advocate counseling – I had a wonderful support system that helped me through difficult days. If you don’t have a confidant in your life, consider making an appointment with
a specialist.

To the Mama who lost her baby last week: I see you.
To the Mama still waiting to see that heartbeat flicker: I see you.
To the Mama who doesn’t associate with that label: I see you.

I am here for you, and I hope we can all be kinder to ourselves and eachother this year.

I put a clip of Amy giving me a makeover, to lighten the mood at the end of this video. I think she’s got some MUA in her, don’t you?!

Love YOURSELF in 2020. Please share your self care tips with me, if you have them!

My self care this week was refreshing our wardrobes with some deeply discounted Old Navy scores – see what we got at the end of today’s vlog! Less than $70 total for fifteen items! Look good, feel good – stay tuned to see more!

Mama B

My Nervous Breakdown EXPOSED

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