casual! – fashionable! – stylish!

I just spent a week in leggings and I felt fantastic. Do you know why? Because I finally curated my closet and nailed down some key outfits that still felt stylish – sans denim!

Adding accessories or fun tops and different patterns really leveled up my period game this month, let me tell you. As a new Mama, leggings were a gift straight from heaven. The postpartum period is ending but I’m now a leggings convert. Pry them off my cold dead body and all that.

Stay tuned for a future vlog featuring a whole month of what I wore, and how I pulled off my supremely organized closet.

And now, here are some inspirations to help you out in 2020 as you step outside your comfort zone. Maybe you’re a new parent with ‘no time’ for fashion, or someone who was comfortable in a favorite pair of faded jeans, like a warm hug and something familiar to count on.

Enter ATHLEISURE – We can be comfortable and stylish!

Instagram | brandi_n_hightower

Today you’ll be inspired to consider something new. Try on a hat in the store, in front of an actual mirror. Look back through old Pinterest boards or your IRL closet and get rid of what doesn’t feel good – add something bold and make it a challenge to yourself to consider borrowing an item from a friend or wearing a well-loved item in a new way (head wrap vs. scarf, anyone?).

Here are a few fun stylish looks – images are all Pin-able so you can revisit these ideas later if you remember to save to your own boards from here.

Happy Pinning!

Fashionable Pinterest Mamas

Suzanne from My Kind of Sweet presents so many ideas on her site that I could browse forever:

Denim Free Looks 👊🏻

Christine Andrew from HelloFashionBlog is mom fashion goals!

📸 Christine Andrews

For your more polished days:

Don’t forget Athleisure! It’s here to stay in 2020:

Tanika Green styles this category perfectly over at her blog: thealwayzfashionablylate

Steve Madden Kinga Boot

Barry Exposed on Pinterest is one mom fashion blogger you can look forward to watching as trends change:

Barry styles a casual mood with leggings

On my Fashion Shopping List for 2020:

Long Cardigan

Leather Look

Cropped Jacket

Tailored Pants

Navy Blazer

Summer Sun Hat

What’s on your 2020 Fashion Shopping Lists?

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