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We took the kids for a crawl along Chelan’s main drag for Winterfest 2020 – and though we didn’t partake in all of the activities (hashtag toddler mom) we sure had a blast on the ice hill – especially the part where we warmed up with hot cocoa afterward, visiting a handful of local vendors along the way and wrapping up the long afternoon with a visit to Local Myth Pizza.

Would we do it again?

Store number one was filled with breakable ornaments, and the cocoa station was nestled among glittery trees adorned with glass and ceramic, with tiny fragile trinkets balancing on floor and window display shelves as far – or close? – as the eye could see. I mean, if we breathed any harder the place would come down and everyone would point at the toddler moms. But – wasn’t this a kids event? I mean, it was watery Nestle powder with flavor extract added. Bathwater temperature. We made the mutual decision at the first stop to take our cocoa cups outside because we were bundled up and wrestling kids and cameras and purses and cocoas in an extremely small place filled with – whatever the shop was selling.

One paper cup for six locations throughout town

We finished our cocoa outside, of course spilling it everywhere. I gathered the kids’ soggy and chewed cups and rushed across the street, which was closed to traffic for the event, tossing them in a bin and hurrying back to help with the kids. At the next stop we were told we had to go back and get our cups, because they didn’t want dishonest people stealing the cocoa. Um, what? Okay, okay. Amy went back this time, because trudging through the slush with toddlers in puff jackets and snow boots would have taken another eon. We’d come too far, and turning around at this point meant straight back to the vehicle.

Amy dug our cups from the freshly-changed trash bag, where she had just tossed them as we entered. She handed me one. “We’ll just share our cups with the kids. I’m not going all the way back,” she said, scooping some mini ‘mallows into one of the now-beige vessels. I cringed and follow suit.

Ice Slide with tubes provided! Kids under 3 FREE

To wrap up my rant: each store had varying degrees of nerve-wrack for this mama of two active and her overly-bundled snow angels. In one store we rushedly sipped our cocoa right where it was served from – on a white Persian rug. In another store, Amy got suckered into some ‘half off plus ten dollars” sales pitch and insisted that I get some pleather “beyond leggings” that I’ll share another time. I’m extremely lucky, and when my wife and salesperson are looking at me and saying I need these leggings that I honestly would love to have, how can I say no? I mean, my “problems” are pretty good ones right now, and the universe is loving me for some reason. I’m not mad!

At another store, the cocoa was stationed by a huge display basket of thongs. The panties-not-shoes kind. Naturally, my two year old and one year old wanted to toss them around like they do the basket of colorful scarves we have at home in an oddly similar basket. Wait. Yup. That exact basket.

Sis chillin’ while we wait our turn 😎

It was fun. We came. We did it. We knew that $10 for cocoa and a sled hill was high hopes, but the kids really did have a great time and I would go back again if you asked me. The highlights? Pizza and leggings. Not included with Winterfest Button purchase.

Bubble Bar for 21+ (We couldn’t partake this year so here’s another fun photo!)

Hope you all had a great weekend! Check out more cute adventure pics at Instagram @brandi_n_hightower


Mama B

Watch us sled and crawl and shop and eat:

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