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Whew! We need to sit down and do an official follow up to last week’s “Bad Day” video. Today is a shortie, but as an early Valentine’s present we’ve skipped the video ads on this one, so it’s a two to four minute watch, depending on how much scrubbing (fast-forwarding) you do.

Highlights from today’s video that I didn’t talk about much on camera include:

Crying during last week’s workout

Getting stuck in the car wash

I put a brief clip from Gabrielle Union’s Instagram to showcase an example of this phenomenon and you can read the full article here:

This was such a crazy thing to experience! I have pushed my body to the point of physical exhaustion plenty of times, but emotional exhaustion? This was a first. Please let me know if you’ve ever heard of this phenom before, it was completely new to me and almost a bit unnerving when I originally viewed it as a point of weakness. (Wow, how unsettling that step aerobics make me bawl like a baby. I must be more unstable than I thought!)

As the days tick by, I’m able to see it with a bit more clarity and realize that I just seriously pushed myself – and that’s amazing and not weak at all.

So there you have it — sweat and cry it out, folx! It’s fine.

And about getting stuck in the car wash? My wife would tell you it’s because I didn’t drive in perfectly square. Still, she wasn’t there and I’ll go to my deathbed insisting that I drove in like any other normal human person going through the carwash.

If you’re cooler than both of us, you’ll say there’s no such thing as a normal human person.

And that’s exactly why I choose you to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss another post. We should be friends.

(No, seriously – say hi!)

If you want to cry too, try the following three workouts after a sugar free breve. I can’t guarantee tears, but you’ll be wet and soggy somewhere – for sure. Sound fun? CLICK NOW! (Not sponsored, I’m just obsessed):

Full Body
Full Body
Abdominals Routine

Next Week’s Video will include highlights from the BNCW Home Show 2020 Presented by Complete Design, Inc. – See you then! [Subscribe to our channel here]

Thanks for joining us on our parenting journey. Please share this video with someone who would enjoy it!

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