COVID has us MIA | Sorry We Took an Un-Announced Break

Sorry we missed you on Friday, we had a very long weekend – if you’ve been up on the news or living in the world, you may be aware that the COVID-19 virus is making it’s rounds and people are starting to prepare to settle in for a bit.

I’ve been in a bit of a funk, so Amy took over with this week’s vlog. Please give her a thumbs up for keeping this thing going this week.

Gramma’s Birthday Weekend | March 2020

Sometimes in a relationship, when one person is down the other person has to step it up a notch. And sometimes, it takes a lot of frustration and even a little fighting to be able to break through to the other side. WOW it’s getting deep around here!

I think the weather being wonky and the national health crisis is really getting to me, along with big life changes and other things we haven’t even talked about (yet). ***HOW ARE YOU ALL COPING WITH THE CORONA VIRUS SCARE?***

In our own hometown, toilet paper and other supplies have been increasingly hard to come by, and we have been realizing that many parents with small children are unsure how to pass the time – which meals and activities to cook and how to keep the peace inside your home during a lockdown.

Though we’ve all been told not to panic, we are definitely seeing people purchasing more than three times what they’d typically buy – Amy saw a lady scoop the last seven bricks of butter into her shopping cart, just because that’s all that was left.

After we both have been to many stores multiple times, there is no toilet paper to speak of. The thing breaking my heart is the baby wipes. We will be okay, as we cloth diaper and make our own wipe juice and disposable wipes – for us, the scary thing is that witch hazel and even wipe juice cubes are out of stock on Amazon and in our local stores, which is what we use in our wipe solution.

We were hoping to share some tips on how to make your own household cleaners and other solutions like this in a future video, and we plan on having a few tips and tricks for staying busy and sane on the blog at some point this week. At this point, begging ya’ll adults to stop buying baby wipes for your own bum is a moot point.

How are you all passing the time?

Where is your head at, and how are you staying calm?

Please share your helpful tips – or the crazy things you’ve seen this week!

In this vlog we hang out with Gramma for her birthday – Canyon had an absolute blast spending the night with his favorite people and enjoying ice cream and bubble baths. Brandi reads Pete The Cat to the kids, one of the books that has a felt activity to go along with it.

Have you tried interactive stories?

If your child has a hard time focusing during story time, try giving them a prop (even a stuffed animal that matches the theme) to keep their hands occupied so their minds can focus – before long they may be telling YOU how the story goes, as they recall it using their prop. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re still reading this. We appreciate you! If this scare is causing a rift in your family, we understand. There is a national upheaval and people are scared.

We hope you can be kind to those acting a little out of sorts these days, and forgive those around you for lashing out – people are coping in a lot of different ways.

Likewise, I forgive you.

Namaste, friends.

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