After the Storm hasn’t been completely derailed, and I’m pretty happy about that for the time being! In fact, the website and first blog went LIVE around FIVE (…P.M. P.S.T.)!

…so here we are, moving forward with our website despite the grim situation that many businesses are facing with having to physically close their doors to customers they depend on, or let go of valued employees due to financial restraints. They are in no position to be hiring social media managers, for the most part. But the need to reach and deliver to audiences remotely is real.

That’s why we decided to offer a few of our local businesses our services, for free. Hopefully, they’ll like us and recommend our work and everyone will be happy once things get back to normal.

They will get back to normal again soon…right?

Well, probably not. But we can hope that we were able to be innovators and keep our customers happy and connected during these uncertain times ahead.

You can check out our first blog at our website – if you’d like more regular updates you can subscribe to the once-monthly blog while you’re over there.

Learn about the latest news from businesses and entrepreneurs of the Wenatchee area – and maybe even a little beyond!

My favorite hashtags for our area: #ditchthelunchbox #wegotthiswenatchee and #toosmalltofail (and by ‘favorite’ I mean they make me smile even though the situation is not humorous or light – I hope they make you smile, too)!

Either way, we’ll still be updating here and mayyyyybe bringing the family vlog back some day. But right now, we’d like to focus on our local community. Stay tuned to my Instagram and see my personal account get hacked next week by a few of my loves…It’s always fun to shake things up!

Until next time,

Mama B

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