Pizza and Pumpkins | Pre-K Printable Activities

Now available at TeachersPayTeachers

Set includes:

Color-By-Number: Pizza Slice 

Use with markers or crayons in the following colors: green, black, red, blue, yellow, brown.

Color recognition, matching, fine motor, art

Pumpkin Playdough Cards: square, circle, oval, rectangle

Can your student roll out orange playdough to create shapes like on the 4 cards? Laminate for use over and over!

Shapes recognition and fine motor

Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match

Color cut and paste the lowercase letters to match uppercase letters Aa-Ll 

Letter recognition, fine motor, art 

Shape Pizza 

Two ways: create a recipe and trade cards -or- create your masterpiece first and then count the ‘ingredients’ used. Use precut shapes from construction paper or draw and color a variety of: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval.

Shape recognition, counting, fine motor

Pepperoni Counting Wheel

Color cut and paste your pizza slices together, matching the pepperonis shown on each number card.

Counting 1-6, number recognition, fine motor, art

Pumpkin Pushing – Gross Motor Activity / Brainbreak

Pre-cut the anatomy cards OR number them 1-6 and roll dice for added fun! 

Child draws a card from the stack or rolls die, and moves a mini or foam pumpkin across the floor using *only* the body part shown on card.

(Black-and-white copy & color copy included)

Gross motor, counting, coloring, brainbreak 

Pumpkin Maze

Simple maze in a pumpkin shape. 

Early finishers: Color the moon and bat.

Pincer Grip Opportunity! Try using a new writing instrument, like a pencil.

Which is Big?

Find and circle which is larger between each pair of hand-drawn Fall-themed images

Early finishers: Color the page.

Reasoning/Logic, Pre-Math skills 

Suggested supplies:

Orange playdough or moldable clay

Crayons, markers, pencils

Glue stick 

Miniature or foam pumpkin(s)




Painters tape to mark Pumpkin Pushing start/finish lines.

Pre-cut construction shapes or other flat foam shapes, any colors, few of each: Circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle

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