Purchasing Questions

Where can I purchase your materials?

I often upload my materials to teacher’s resource sites like TeachersPayTeachers or Amped Up Learning, but I am working on making all of my materials available for purchase through my own PayPal.

Click on images and links to be taken to the most appropriate site, or search your favorite resource sites for MommaAMommaB (one word).

Do you do custom requests or modify your materials?

I am always interested in seeing other people’s ideas, and I love collaborations. Let me know if you think I can help with your project and I will be happy to work with you however I can!

Please send requests to: MommaAMommaB@gmail.com

I just want to donate to your channel. How is this money spent?

I haven’t received any personal donations yet, but I would love to start a fund for my resource or production materials! A ton of time and energy and resources go into keeping up a successful social media channel, and many platforms do not pay well or at all. It’s up to creators to produce valuable goods or content that others enjoy. This is a passion project for me, and a great place to document my life’s journey. Sharing it and connecting with others is a huge perk!

Still, the lights, microphones, and other studio materials cost money, and many hours are spent doing menial tasks that aren’t exactly fun but necessary to keep the operation running. If you’d like to help fund this project, I will include a PayPal button at the end of this form. Thank you for considering your $1 to $5 donation to help me purchase educational resources and continue sharing our journey on YouTube and other video sharing channels.


Behind The Scenes – Support Engineers

Thank you for being a supporter of my work! Your contribution helps fund the resources and materials required for home instruction and lesson planning, as well as filming and studio equipment. I appreciate your support so very much!